Happy Bunny Today.


Just been to pick up the Rv from Empire this afternoon.I had an air leak on the leveling system and the mechanics Jason and Nigel were that thorough they found two more !!!!!!......one of them on the bloody air horns:mad:.
Anyway after sending to Tiffin in America for a new valve thingy all sorted now and she seems to "ride higher" and not sit as low when levelled up(y).
So,a massive thank you to James and his team.
Whilst I was there I had a mooch around the showroom;).The 43' tag axle Tradition won't go on the drive so that's out !!:cry::rofl:.What was of interest is the brand new stock of under 7.5 ton double slide Winnebagos........Obviously the build quality isn't great,meaning the lighter materials have been used but with a bit of personalisation they are a smashing little Rv(y).
Certainly worth a look of you're looking to downsize.
Anyway my baby is down for a warm soapy wash tomorrow...........Might wash the Rv too !!!!:rofl:


Those intents. We looked at them when we brought ours over from the usa. They were polar white though...
I liked the interiors but we went with the vista as although more money looked a step up in materials.
We had an ace before which we loved but the vista is a step up on construction and design