Hab Check


Apologies for a newbie question

Yearly RV 'hab check' (on a euro this typically would be a damp check, gas cert and flue cleaning, etc) would you suggest [1]yes get the RV checked, or [2]no or [3] just get the genny/boiler/furnace checked.

Appreciate any steer; plus thanks?
If your competent enough then common sense on damp ect.
Genni oil and filter.
Boiler/Furnace , if working fine. Can not see really what could be done.

Save your money for beer and travelling .

When we had the caravans, a sevice was put a hand on wall to check damp, switch things on and off, working and replace the short flex gas hose to bottle. All for 150 quid plus ?.


Brians correct,it's common sense really but what I do apart from the usual is when I take her to Adi's for an MOT I get him to do a mini service,Oil,oil filter any other filters Adi sees fit and a good greasing etc while she's up on the ramps.
Also I'm building a service history like with a car,my method is when the time comes to sell it can't do any harm to produce a service history.......Just my own thoughts of course !!(y)