Good Morning

old mo

road trip to Mildenhall tomorrow to look at a couple of fifth wheel caravans.
If you are going to see Paul..... (Forgot the name of his firm.)... he will put you right as to weights etc..

We bought our first 5th wheel from them with a Ford F150..

The only thing I regret was not going for a bigger truck... the F150 was a little under powered for the rig ... which was big... should have got the F250

Toured all over France/Portugal and Spain with it for 6 months just after we got it..(y)


Overcast here but supposed to brighten up later. Spent an hour last night just as we where about to bed looking for our oldest cat she's 20, she can't get out of the garden as she can't climb anymore, searched everywhere just about to give up and she appears at my feet drinking out of her bowl nonchalant as you please. flipping cat. :)


Good morning to all u lovely people out there well sun streaming through the window at 6-15 thought stuff that and settled down again till 7 had to get up as it was So warm 8-30 temp up to 23 in van hope I am not upsetting anybody :rofl:
we’ll be safe out there and have a good day all
scouser :cool: