Good Morning

Steve Martin

Goooooooood morning from a beautiful sunshine beaming through the early mist of the lakes..
Bit of self isolating this week in the sunshine at Twin Lakes keeping the appropriate distance from everyone and would you believe it they have Guinness here at the bar (which is closed obviously but they do takeaway service)
Getting excited at the prospect of returning to UK on Sunday and self isolate myself somewhere and await the virus...(y)(y)


Gooooooooooooood morning from Twin Lakes with lovely sunshine and a touch of frost.
Another six vehicle convoy of motorhomes, RV and caravan set off in search of a ferry or tunnel to return to UK.
The rest of us will self isolate in the sunshine until Friday (y)(y)
From what I been reading on fun they won't have a problem getting a tunnel place, almost empty by all accounts even though all the information is saying full.


Morning from a frosty corner of Kent, 6degrees inside the van first thing, didn't take long to get it nice and cosy though.

Left mum and dad to their own devices on Monday, mums getting around reasonably well now and I've left them enough meals in the freezer for around 2 months, milk and paper delivered just arranging a loaf of bread every couple of days. I've to go back and take her to the drs on Friday to have the staples out, thought long and hard about it, should I get a care taxi type thing to take her or go myself, decide there's less risk if I take her than have her in a vehicle where others have been and with someone she doesn't know. I'd rather not be doing it to be honest but not sure of another option other than my pliers out the tool box which for some reason she's not Ken on, dad said he'd hold her down.

We are on a lovely isolated field in the middle of no where but the owner wants us to leave, think he's ok actually but it's his business partner and his family want us away after the CC announcement at the weekend and he's some b*****d neibours who spy everyone coming and going so he won't risk the his 28night rule. I've tried to tell him that the legislation is now saying we should not move but they won't have any of it. I don't blame him but if I ever catch up with his neighbors we'll......... they come round every morning in their adjacent field and check who's here.

Friends who have a farm on the marsh have said we can park up there, which we are happily going to accept. We can isolate there for the time being.

Now the what to do, we are going to take the sunseeker not he merc, if it's going to be a long haul isolation we need more space. The see,er failed its mot, just over a week ago, until now I've not had the time to do the repair, ball joints, I plan to hopefully do them today but to mot it I need to drive it around thirty miles and then back to the mot station, I don't think at this time that would be essential travel, so thinking I repaire and then chance not getting stopped driving the 10miles or so to friends place. i think I'm bugered either way, be condemned for driving distance for mot or be condemned for driving with out the mot elsewhere.
Your thoughts appreciated.

Have a safe day all.



From what I been reading on fun they won't have a problem getting a tunnel place, almost empty by all accounts even though all the information is saying full.
When i check the tunnel website it said if you had a booking and turn up early, we will get you on the only thing it did say was if it is a large vehicle it may take a little longer to fit you in , our booking is Saturday, so setting off from twin lakes Thursday and if we can make Friday we will, safe journey everyone watch your speed they are very keen.