Good Morning

Steve Martin

Goooooooooooood morning from another bright, sunny day on the Algarve.
Probably a bit more of a breeze up here on the hill top than my Welsh friends down in the valleys below (y)(y)
Looks like a day to get Cadac out and have some al fresco dinner and Guinness.
Will give raise my glass to MikeyRV for sticking with the weather in UK instead of being sensible and basking in the sunshine yer...:cool::)
Good Morning from our little layby Scotland bound.

Nice and cozy last night, glad we had the Butsir to keep us warm. Some "Knac~…" peeped and another this morning...Ha a Pair of Male Genertals

They must think it soooooo funny, but it just shows What a"Kno&" (door opening mechanism ) they are.

A cracking outlook apart from a bit of sea fret, but onward bound.

Have a lovely day..