Full time rv pitch in Devon


If anyone is interested there is a 12 month pitch at Lemonford caravan park in Devon available, We put a deposit on it in October but are now unable to use it as my contract has been extended we’re we are, it is a fully serviced pitch, the new owners are spending some money on the park, if anyone is interested give them a ring.
Site is only 2 mins off the a38 at Ashburton
Big enough for 40ft.4896956C-9CF2-4574-A6A6-FA03742CB716.jpeg97AAAAC9-33DD-42F6-A784-0FB74F03D793.jpeg


Nice site,We stayed there some years ago where we met Poacher and his good lady.
A really nice site in a lovely location.(y)

dj motormouth

Lemonford Caravan Park was sold last year for £2.6 million to a family, who shall we say, are from a particular ethic minority of the travelling community. I suggest that before anyone considers this they look at the latest reviews. I have spoken in the last week to people that have been there as well.


We spoke to quite a few people on the site
That have seasonal caravans and they seem to be quite happy with the new owners,
Who are trying to upgrade the park from the previous owners.
We had quite a long chat with them and they are quite nice,
If my contract hadn’t been extended I would have had no probs in going there.
Latest reviews look quite positive, sometimes you have to give people a chance.


Thanks Steve for your posting

Thank you John and Bill for your nice comments - beer tokens are on their way :D :D

We each speak as we find . . . . . .

We 'lived' there for several years under the previous owners - the pitch featured is / was known as 'motorhome 2' - the pitch is easily reversed onto from the entrance road / car park- I was responsible for widening / lengthening and levelling the pitch - if I had been allowed to 'prune' the tree at the back of the pitch, it would have been wider at the back :D:D:D

It is fully serviced - 2 x 16 amp sockets are available - the services are the wrong side for Americans - were installed be previous owners

I was due to over-winter there last year - despite reserving and keeping Jimmy (Snr) and Jimmy (Jnr) updated on our movements - arrived to find 'motorhome 2' occupied by a caravan c/w awning - the only alternate pitch accessible and capable of accepting a 40' was now occupied by a static caravan awaiting siting - I overnighted for a couple of nights parked across a couple of other pitches but changed my winter plans (and left with all my wheels (y)(y) )

I am not planning on returning there

There has been much local press about Police / Fire Service attendances and legality of site / actions of occupants in recent months

No more on open forum - pm me if you wish