ford 8 litre aircon compressor

mick e450

Happy new year to you all ,at a site with our friends ,AND this morning he started his landau 8 litre engine and the belt snapped ,a big un 2610 mm long >and his aircon compressor wont turn by hand !So the question is ,can it normally be turmed by hand easilly ,can the fluid freeze ( minus 6 here this morning ,OR any ideas ///????Happy new year to you all


Sounds like the AC has sized and clutch has locked on and that’s what snapped the belt

Normally the clutch should just spin freely weather or not the AC compressor has sized

My guess is the AC hasn’t been working for some time

Could be the pressure switch is faulty making the clutch engage permanently or a wiring fault

Gas pressure to high? Has he used one of these diy kits and filled with to much gas and no oil.

Normally the coil just burns out on the clutch so all it does is spin freely.
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