First short trip


Our first trip out we had no water pump couldn't work it out even the brains on here couldn't sort it.
It was all working fine before leaving out.

Until I went to dump the tanks and I flicked the switch for the light in the tanks drain compartment I found it wasn't the switch for the light in the compartment it was the two way switch for the water pump. Switch was on it's way out and only worked one way, which is why it was harder to find as it just killed everything.

18 months later I have actually now fitted a new switch.

Cost of switch 50p cost of inconveiance and my sanity.... Priceless

What idiot fits the pump switch next to the light anyway, fancy disigning it like that.
The light switch was in the side of the light well out of sight.


Our first trip we discovered the water pump was put back together with wood screws when wifey got wet feet after getting out of bed. Luckily 10 miles from home. Abandon trip and new pump ordered fitted
Had that and tap and replaced part of floor
So anything else walk in the park

RV Neal

I have forgotten the beer and wine before now......
A few years ago we pitched up at The War & Peace Show at Paddock Wood, fully loaded for 10 days r&r. I opened the freezer to get some meat out for the Barbie and, shoot, NO MEAT! I had forgotten to load the meat! Nothing else for it; I set off for home on my 1939 Matchless WD motorcycle, loaded the meat into my backpack, put some petrol in the old girl and returned to the show before twilight. A round trip of about 2 hours or so as I used back lanes only. The bike got a run, I got a reminder of how uncomfortable it is (girder forks and rigid rear end), and we had our 10 day supply of meat for the Barbie! Happy days.


Well eventful time woke up yesterday face looking like been in the ring with mike Tyson
Trip to AE. Tablets then trip to emergency dentist
£230 later looking like had second fight
Now just starting to feel better but face like wife’s hit me with a cricket bat
On the good side everything ok with RV
bad but forgot about trees last 5feet under tree
OMG bad night will move it forward tonight
But all good thanks
And yes pub is up the road but cannot drink with tablets