faith in the DVLA

Well looks like the RV is save for another year
collected thr renewal forms at the post office last tuesday
medical on wednesday all posted guaranteed next day delivery cant get lost etc etc
to the DVLA ""took copies 1st "" just in case
and lo and behold licence renewed for another year delivered to the house this morning
only problem now is we have no where to go as Queen Nic ""should have called her Auld Nic ""
is trying to make her mark by seeing just how much money she can extort out of the UK government
to fund her
here is hoping for a resounding

motor roamin

Not so sure about Auld Nic.......think she is trying to be Adolf Nic.........good to hear you have your licence back Jim mine is due in Jan again so will find out next month fingers crossed I will be out with all of us next year that's if my Rv remembers the wheels are supposed to go round and not be stationary, bit of recommissioning required me thinks.