European mini tour 2019


I believe we are back to 10 buses. We have also replaced the scooter that had a few problems staying on board when going through gate holes with. We now have a Kawasaki j300. Just got to get some go faster tape[/QUOTE who are the newbies added ?]
And will it keep up with my turbo electric bike !!


It's a Warners event Bill,I've just looked at it myself.(y).
Dead easy to find right off the M4.Anything sixties and seventies really appeals so we'll see.
It's at the Newbury show ground so all grass pitches and no leccy:(.Not the end of the world as you have a gennie on board.
In our very limited experience of rallying we found turning up with a full water tank and empty grey and black was the way to go,If you need to empty some waste then you can tote it to the nearest dump station,again not the end of the world(y).
All good fun and if the sun shines even better.(y)


We don't have to ,but we like it. For decency I also wear a pvc thong and fishing waders
I was just going to have tea, but I've thrown up now from the vision of you in a thong and waders. Have a care mate, some of us have weak stomachs. Or the thought was so disgusting, there are members up and down the country saying Europe to the toilet.

Sue Fletch

Toffee has had his rabies booster ready for the trip and feeling a bit underthe weather! ! Blood tests in 3 weeks just in case! Counting down the weeks!!!!20190209_185804.jpg