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Hi folks
I'm currently looking for our first RV. Unfortunately we're looking more at the bottom end of the market, but I've seen a few things advertised over the last few months which would have been suitable. Everything I've seen so far has been on the Chevrolet chassis with either the 7.4 petrol, or 6.2 diesel engines, so I'm fairly up to speed on the potential pitfalls and things to look for.
Now something else has come up and it has the cummins 5.9. Does anyone know much about theses, or have any real world experience of what they are like to live with?
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We have had two 5.9 Cummins in dodge rams pulling 5ers both really good but earlier ones have a weakness in the diesel distributor pump,--- believed to be caused by lift pump failure ( electric pump is mounted on block and does tend to fail) but replacing dis. pump is quite straightforward--- no special tools needed.
To make the pump last longer most yanks add some 2stroke oil to the diesel. We fitted a 'FASS lift pump / filter unit which is reckoned to extend the life of the dis.pump as it has a much higher fuel flow rate!
We would prefer the Cummins any day!!!
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We have the Cummins Isb with the Allison Md3060
Fantastic engine won’t fly up the mountains but will keep up with the best on the flats also getting 10mpg at 14ton and the car on the back and no problems for part here or Europe