Electrics on campsite


Great little tester these, I agree fumbling around with a multimeter on mains unless you absolutly know what you're doing is a no no!
A simple legend on the face explains all and it is worth periodically checking all outlets in the RV, the amount of sparks that don't tighten connections securly enough scares me and then you've got the simple factor of vibration from driving down the road.

Worth noting mind, testing with the genni on will often show no earth, for obvious reason.


Ok here goes I plugged into EHU ran ok for 1 day with fridge freezer , 2 k heater and 1 k dehumidifier all ran fine for 24 hrs. Next day EHU tripped now even if w turn off all trips so no power to be used EHU trips when you plug into it instantly every time. Have tried another EHU on site and tried the cable with another power source. Cable working do not understand why 2 k free standing generator with the same cable is running ok now as we speak.
I havent read all the thread so appologies if this has been covered.....Sounds like an intermittant earth leakage fault and needs investigating asap.

The generator probably wont trip as it will only have an overload trip and no RCD.
generators dont have an earth as such and are centre tapped so your onboard RCDs wont work either so an appliance is probably live.

You will find the earth fault eventually but it could be painful at least.