Daybreak rear wheel trim removal ?


Hi all and Happy New Year from Bulgaria !

I am trying to remove the stainless trims from the outer rear wheels on my 2002 Damon Daybreak to renew the valve extenders which are probably original and looking a bit perished. My problem is that I don't know how the trims are attached to the wheel and therefore how they are removed, they are not fixed to rings in the wheel rim like the front wheels and I cannot see any possibility of them being fixed to the wheel nuts. I am assuming there is some attachment inside the trim, I have tried to ease off the rim with tyre levers but without success so far and trying to avoid damaging the trims. Any advices welcomed as always, thanks



My stainless wheel liners are attached by 3No. wheel nut covers and were supplied with a T handle socket to unscrew them. They can be identified by the fact that they have a small crimp on the flat side to hold the captive nut inside. Have a look at yours and see if they have the same?


Thanks for the replies, no markings on the nut covers except some scratches on two opposite nut covers that indicates previous removal although they are not budging when I try to pull them off. Will try the unscrewing method when I find big enough socket ! Picture of wheel trim here.



Does my head in when they use a rattle gun on the cars locking nut key
I once stood watching a Ford mechanic rattle gun my locking nuts up and a quick snatch around with the torque wrench not a nice steady pull till it clicks.
Asked him afterwards:
You never used the rattle gun on the wheel lock nuts did you?
No sir that completely against company policy.

RV Neal

Than you all so much, the unscrewers win !! 30mm socket on two stud covers did the job then the trim just fell off - do I qualify for being a Daybreaker now :D
Only just seen your photo of the offending wheel cover. My money is on the stud cover at 12 o/c and the one directly opposite. Some stud covers don't have flats on them. They have narrower "landings", the flange that touches the wheel cover.