Daft question - I won't be the last to ask!

Paul & Lyn

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Well, we're taking our bus on it's first trip tomorrow just to see whether I can remember everything I was told about how it works (ain't gonna happen!). We're only going for a couple of days as we've yet to make any decision on towing a car - so to the daft questions!

We have a Suzuki SX-4 crossover thingie (not the 4-wheel drive one before anyone asks!) and would like to know whether it's easily modified for A-frame towing with associated electronic braking gubbins? I've been doing a bit of digging round and have been told "no" by one firm and "yes" by one other!

Also, at risk of starting WW3 and appreciating it'll be mostly personal choice, but, are there any "good" A-frame companies out there?

Tin hat at the ready!



Depends where you are, but we used Car-a-Tow, who are based in Poole Dorset.. 01202 330800 .. Ask for Andrew & he will be able to tell you all you need to know.. As for your car, as long as it is manual & 2 wheel drive, then there shouldn't be a problem, as far as I know.. Some 4 wheel drives can be towed.. We have an old Terios 4x4 which we tow no probs..


We have a car a tow system on ours that works well for us.

Enjoy your maiden voyage, my advice don't go too far from home, why drive for hours, its the RV you need to get to know, not the driving, so stay local, and if it all gets a bit much a quick journey home will straighten your head.

We will be looking out for the questions from your trip

Good luck