Colonial RV'ers


Afternoon everyone,

We have just joined the ranks of RV owners having sold our Ducato based ice cream van after getting fed up with the unreliable engine and lack of space.

My wife Marie, and our three kids, Katie, Becky and Sarah are from the Falkland Islands and I am just another New Zealander floating about the world. We are based in Scotland where she is the Manager on a pig farm and I work on the Ferries running up to Shetland from Aberdeen.

We have a 2002 C Class Gulfstream, with the Ford chassis, it needs a bit of TLC but looking forward to getting on the road! Was keen on an A class but the bedding arrangments worked better in the C Class for us - might move up some time in the future when I get an HGV.

Long time followers of the site, and now we have a reason to join in :)




Welcome to the madhouse you will enjoy but it's a open house you dont need own a rv to be member just a intrested in them


I think the best thing I have heard RV's called is " Land Yachts" so you should feel right at home.
They are just like ships, generators, fuel water and waste tanks. Only difference is they don't move from side to side quite so much. And awesome big engines, I can listen to the ships exhaust all day as they rumble away and the Triton is the same - just an engine nerd.