Chinese diesel heater update


Keep us informed of how it goes, biggest problem for me will be where to put the tank so it's easy to fill.....
That & finishing a few other projects!
We'll have to have a good catch up next year.


I twice bought one from ebay but it didnt get to me !
I twice got a refund. Its wise to check the sellers feedback.
I looked at planer (russian) good rep and half way between chinease and german price wise.

I ended up with a "new" 2nd hand (no warranty) petrol the same price as the planer.

I teed it of the gen supply :)

But its throwing up a exhaust temp fault code so I need to get it to a service guy to plug it in. (Had it cleaned by jpc in Norwich) jpc couldn't bench test it as its petrol! Doh!

I wander if I,d been better of going with a chinease diesel - maybe there simpler as the german ones digital controls are well complex.


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Might have to cut and fabricate the locker to drop the tank lower in that corner to fill as there is no where else it can fit


I ran a strand of copper wire through the tank and out the drilled hole and let the threaded pipe part run down the wire and then jiggled it through the hole and put washer and nut on no problem :) happy times
Thanks I was thinking the same idea with a wire coat hangar but thought id ask I case you found an easier way lol (typical Chinese puzzle )