CanBus Multiplex Seven Way Relay..

This little box of tricks was fitted when we had the A Frame wired in. But after 10 years use we think it has a voltage problem.

Has anyone got one of these fitted to the tow electrics or are you just wired straight from light sources on rear lights.


Have both sorts

In simplistic terms

On the Peugeot (2012 vintage) - used to move the trailer -
the 'CAN Bus relay takes a 12 volt feed straight from battery / other source - and uses the light connections of the relay to trigger which of the lights to send the power to on the 'trailer' lights - CAN wiring does not adequately carry the current to properly power the trailer lights if wired 'direct' - rapid flashers or non-operational lights are two symptoms of CAN wiring not able to cope

The RV is a direct wire - but the size of the US wires (2004) clearly carries enough current to power both the 'towed' through either the A-frame or the trailer lights - depending which is on the back at the time (without needing the additional boost feed provided by the CAN Bus relay)