Can we drive through Switzerland without having to take hairpin bend roads ?


Ah yes, mine did take me off the M1at 38 when going to Mike Scotts Gas place instead of taking me the long way around up to the M62 and in to Huddersfield from the north not south along the narrow roads

RV Neal

We've travelled through Switzerland many times with a 8.5M A-class with no troubles at all. Passing through it's 90% motorways. The route has always been from Basel in the north to the St Gotthard tunnel in the south (and in reverse heading north). However, we've not done this for a dozen years or so but this year we're heading back to Italy in a 8.5M B-class towing a trailer and leading some friend in a Euro motorhome.

RV Neal

A quick update; we did the journey north to south through Switzerland in Sep and south to north in Oct. We didn't take the trailer in the end, we were solo but leading our friends. Although everything in Switzerland is expensive the one thing that hadn't increased in cost in over 10 years was the HGV motorway "permit". It's STILL CHF32.50! A bargain or what.

We suffered a front tyre puncture on the A2 (M2?) motorway heading north which necessitated in me having to purchase a new tyre to ensure I had a spare. The tyre cost CHF250 (phew!) but I resisted the pressure to buy two, saving that outlay for when I got back to the UK where they cost £145 each!

Ruff Nomads

I think I’ve got an idea....
Please keep us posted. We’re hoping to visit Switzerland later this year.
we’ve done it on bikes several or more years ago and loved it however the memories don’t translate to driving the RV around.
my knee is too far from the road for starters.