Buying a 5th wheel caravan for the first time.


My licence covers me to 12 ton so im covered, leisure vehicles are rated differently to commercial vehicles, but if you carry equipment in a motorhome that weighs over 3500Kgs that is not used for camping you have to have a commercial MOT on it, also the insurance would then be for a commercial vehicle not a leisure vehicle. I guess that would also apply to a trailer and i guess a tacho would also apply.
The Crusader 28RL is 32 foot, that is the length from the rear bumper to the hitch pin, the body is 28 foot long as in the 28RL.
I am now trying to work out the weights:
Dry Weight: 3702 Kgs
Payload Capacity: 889 Kgs
GVWR: 4591 Kgs
Hitch Weight: 600 Kgs

Does the dry weight and the GVWR include the hitch weight? I am confused by this :(

Ford Ranger Wildtrak weights:
Unladen (Unladen weight Includes driver + passenger +3/4 tank fuel)
Front 1374 Rear 1100 total 2474
Max Laden
Front 1480 Rear 2200 total 3680

Max Gross Vehicle 3500
Max Gross Train 7000

So if I have understood all this correctly, it means i can carry about 500Kgs in the fiver, does anyone come to the same conclusion or am I wrong?.


I imagine all the turntable and mounting bars will be on the truck's weight , as they are bolted to it!!!
I had a gooseneck hitch on one of my Dodge trucks and I took it off!!! That was a mistake on my part as we had a demountable camper at the same time, we had to remove the turntable to fit the camper------- the gooseneck just folded into the floor , 30 seconds and we could load the camper!!!!! We could have brought the adapter for fifth wheel hitch to gooseneck from the states with the truck!!!!
But I honestly had/ have no idea if it would be legal to use in UK/Europe!!!


''I imagine all the turntable and mounting bars will be on the truck's weight , as they are bolted to it!!! ''

No, the hitch weight also known as the pin weight is the weight on the hitch of the fiver, nothing to do with the truck as shown in my post!!!

motor roamin

I tend to ignore stated unladen weights on motorhomes and fivers the only way to be sure is to put it on a weigh bridge the same with the tow vehicle, mainly because they are never as they left the factory owners add things like solar cameras lights etc they all impact on the unladen wight the only thing that doesn't alter is the gross weight unless for some reason it has been down plated or in the case of your truck up plated, you say you have a 12 ton licence this would be a full c1+e so I assume you have taken a test in that combination other wise it will be a c1+e grandfather rights with a 107 restriction which would be a 8250kg max train weight, the hitch weight is the weight imposed on the fifth wheel connection, hope this helps a bit.