Breakdown cover advice

Well we made the plunge and now have a little Smart car to accompany us on our travels :)

I've been looking at trying to arrange breakdown cover for it (the RV is covered for breakdown within the insurance) and as we are planning to spend much of the year in France and Spain, after a bit of research I contacted ADAC in Germany. I spoke with them on the phone and they asked me to forward all the details, which I did, and I was very clear about only wanting breakdown cover for the Smart car.

The response I got from them was quite confusing (see below) and I'm hoping that someone who either uses them or has used them in the past might be able to help me out. Alternatively does anyone use another company for long term European breakdown cover for a toad?

Here is the response:

Thank you for your message and interest in joining ADAC.

Please note that the ADAC (Plus) membership provides a reduced range of services and benefits for members residing outside Germany. The classic membership covers breakdown assistance in
Germany only.

ADAC Plus members will not be entitled to benefits such as spare parts dispatch, vehicle customs
duties and scrapping, credits and cash service in Germany and in their country of residence.

In view of the above, would you please verify whether a local organisation offers a product that better suits your needs.

Under the FIA umbrella organisation, ADAC cooperates with other automobile clubs. We believe that your local automobile club might offer products that provide more comprehensive protection.


I would have thought, just rac normal European cover for the smart would do. But in most cases you could just hitch it up and take it to a garage on the back of the RV.


Have a chat with Chris, The technical and financial wizard of The Destination Unknown Team.
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we have asda insurance covers 365 days in Europe for our Smart, we pay extra for full breakdown in Europe. Had 1 claim, has taken 7 months to get third party acceptance of blame, but seems ok. (German hit us on campsite in Austria so bit complicated).AXA insurance are main company.