Are RV's made well enough for full timing.


Don't forget P @ D you are 4 handed(or we're for a while) and maybe not as "gentil" as could be !!!
We're up to 14 months now in our 1995 Cobra Phoenix and, apart from a few cupboard closers and the bed gas struts going soft, everything is holding up well.

Had to do a bit of work on the awning this summer but only wd40 on the moving bits and one clamp breaking.

Two new leisure batteries and a new controller for the solar panels.

Due to a huge health scare, we've not managed much traveling this year - but we're hoping next year will change that with luck.

Onward and upward.
Wouldn't change it now for B&M - even though we've had to be static this year.

That reminds me - anyone want to buy two houses ( one let out) and a 10 bedroom hotel?
Really must do something about these :rofl::wasntme:.

Preacher man

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My Daybreak was just three years old when I bought it and have been using it continuously since jan 2014. Everything seems to be pretty reasonable. Some things have gone wrong and needed repairing, but not anything more than I might have expected with my old house, car, garden machinery s etc etc etc. ( Thank you God :)
We have been looking at daybreaks good to hear you have had a good experience. Especially as we will probably need to buy one about the age of yours.

dj motormouth

The wife and I plus two large dogs have full-timed since April 2012. And yes there are problems but no more than if you are in bricks and mortar. Boilers go wrong, cookers give up (known as wife wants a new one), microwaves give up the ghost, sofas wear out, mattresses go lumpy, light bulbs blow. So really just like living in a house - except on wheels. Otherwise no problems at all.


Yea same,
Nearly 6 years now and without tempting fate, not a lot happened
As mentioned no more than anything else, house car etc.


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I know there are different qualities of RV, I am sure super Mike will be along shortly to tell us how good winnibahels are.
I have just fitted the new wingaurd, although I admit. Reversing with it up under a cable, was nothing to do with full timing.
I have again at great expense just replaced the door lock. Now these seem to be pretty universal from trimark and fitted to most RV's. This is the second in 2 years. Also a number of the cupboard hinges have given up the ghost.
I am thinking that none of the fittings are really designed for daily use, just occasional holiday use.

What are other people's experience of this as a problem.
If you lived in a house full time the repairs and maintenance would far exceed that of living in a rv, inc decorating, flooring, gardens etc and you can wake up where ever you choose (within reason lol )
We went to rutland water last week sat to wed and off grid its difficult to keep warm as your batteries wont last with heater running (ours wont anyway) and genny has to be turned off at night (safety) wifey froze and dehum was off so condensation was a wont wild camp again in the winter... Unless its somewhere warm. Used about £60 of petrol on genny:oops: It was still fun though being able to do it(y):)
How much solar do you have on the roof? And what batteries..