Another DVLA Saga - copied from Motorhomefun


Not Fit for Purpose - Again

When we bought our MH last April we had a few problems with DVLA

The dealer sent the logbook off but after 4 or 5 weeks and no sign we rang the DVLA to query it. They said they had no record of it and we needed to send off a V62? with covering letter and apply for it again, no charge.

Did that and after another few weeks got a call from a local business that luckily I know saying he had my logbook. DVLA had somehow registered it to his address, on a different street with different postcode!. WTF! Another phone call to DVLA, send it of yet again with covering letter

Comes back correct this time, except when I sent it off I put the Make, model and that it was an AutoCruise Stardream etc.
DVLA just put it down as a white Peugeot.. but is classed as a MH at least.

Wondering if others actually have their proper vehicle details on the V5C or if thats the norm?
If it ever went missing the insurance only have my word as to what it actually is if the logbook just says Peugeot.

Then 4-6 months later got another letter from DLVA saying they can't process my application for a V5C as the details had changed.
Thinking someone may be trying to register my MH rang em, turns out the original application the dealer sent off had turned up but as I changed the address to my business one the 2nd time it flagged up.