Anglo American RV have this beauty for sale.

If it's the same models we looked at on USA the fancy chrome on outside is stick on plastic. Could of least been Stainless !.

Too big and flashy, would not fit on smaller sites like where we are now.

As a certain RVOC member would say...

"Its Not For Us"


He had loads on ebay , most without u.k plates in the photos.
I think I saw some of the rvs ad advertised for motorsport rentals too same photos.
I wandered if they actually existed or if the account had been compromised.
He runs out a farm when I looked at one


Were they All ready uk registered ?
I looked at a vista there before we got ours.
It was sold bit awaiting iva no 2 as failed its first.
the old boy that runs it was not computer literate as never returned emails.

I only ever think of empire or signiture who deal in the big busses but I guess motorsports is all about networking


The ones I saw all had uk reg plates. Bloke certainly not very interested in selling anything. There all crammed in a shed and can't open them up properly and couldn't be bothered to try. When your looking at spending £160k I like the man taking my money to act interested