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Hope everyone is coping with the pandemic.
Here is a question you probably have never come across before,how many of you have alpacas ?,some of you i expect,how many of you have worked with alpacas ? or being involved with animal husbandry/farming.i expect there is still a few of you.who likes the east riding of yorkshire? i hope a few of you as that's where i live on the family farm which has 5 alpacas .Where's this going you may ask well i am testing the water for a alpaca sitter for when we are away in our Rv which is normally all the kids hols. I am potentially looking for retired RVers who could pop in with the motorhome to look after the alpacas possibly for weeks at a time,this would be feeding/keeping an eye on them and in dry weather actually park in the paddock with them,electric hookup/waste dump point /toilet block but no shower/fresh water and lpg gas available from a forecourt pump which is on site at our farm,the paddock used to be a caravan park hence the facilities.This isnt a request to sit and watch them all day i am just looking for some friendly folk who we could trust to take care of them whilst we are away.


Yorkshire? Is that tup norf in the frozen wastes, where mammoffs live?
Wot's a Alpacas? I like chickens if tis any help?
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no good for you Ste, you might have a problem with a long necked animal that can look you in the eye then spit in your face when it decides it dont like you :rofl: :mask:

Mind you if you were going to climb say Everest you will be glad that the alpaca is carrying your load (tent,food etc) but they only do it to the base camp and in some countries they use them to guard sheep and warn of predators
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these lads dont need putting away at night and you would struggle to catch them to put a halter on but there isn't a road within 350yds only a view to bridlington 22 miles away,loads of water but no shower and we have a forecourt lpg autogas tank on site

RV Neal

Sounds like a great job! I love alpacas, me. Don't want to cause a lama but aren't they roughly the same? I would love to do it but I'm thinking your required dates will clash with my other interests?

Please publish exact dates (from - to) that you require alpaca sitters and I'll let you know how I stand.