Air Pollution Stickers for France


You have to register but it is only if you go in to the city's on the list. Rest of France is fine it's just there take on the lez in London


Glad I'm as old as I am ! :worried: all getting a bit too complicated eh !.Who wants to drive in cities anyway,especially in an RV.
Perhaps we all should go back to Horse and Carts,be more relaxing and cheaper,no more looking for a drain to dump in !,just need a bucket and shovel :rofl:,then save it for the homecoming and put it on the Tom's and Beans (y). Make the most of it though because then some Pratt will introduce a Law to make you buy a Smart Fart Meter to attach to the Horses Arse..

motor roamin

Just registered mine, 2008 Camelot, 400 Cummins.
Class 3 cost 4.8 euro. Exempt from London LEZ too.
Did you register it as Euro4 2008 Cummins is a Euro 5 as most 2008 commercial engines are by 2012/13 commercials had already gone Euro 6 , just their table doesn't seem to take into account commercial engines just cars, unless I've read it wrong.




Yep big notice, red letters:
Indication about the classification of motor homes
Motor homes with a total weight up to 3, 5 tons are classified as cars.
Motor homes with a total weight of 3,5 tons or more are classified as trucks."