Ageing WiFi router/repeater replacement?




Currently we have a 12v Solwise router ( with an external Solwise USB patriot antenna ( that feeds all our devices and smart telly in our RV, but it's getting long in the tooth and beginning to fail.

So.......any suggestions for a replacement setup that can capture free WiFi, feed all our devices/telly and have a facility for our VPN please?

Thanks in advance
B818-263 router Huwaii paired with a Poynting
A-MIMO-3-V2-15 - Poynting 5-IN-1 High Performance Multi Frequency Antenna LTE, Dualband WiFi, GPS
Very quick! Duncan fitted antenna but the BB818 is LTE cat19 not cat 4 or 5 like a normal router. Super duper router. 170mb download South West France was fastest place 5g. Can connect up to 66 devices. Worst signal was Portugal West Coast 36mb. Can run on 12v or 230v
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