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Mike Ritchie

Hello I am new to the group and the world of American Motorhomes, I have recently purchased a Damon Daybreak 2006 which we love, whilst cleaning the other day we had a very large storm, and we noticed a small trickle of rain running down the windscreen from the top I add only a trickle can any one advise the best way to seal it along the screen seal at the top on the outside thanks in advance for any advice Mike

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First welcome to the madhouse, if it is the windscreen rubber leaking then any windscreen sealer will work, but check the seal on the front cap as they can leak and make it appear to be coming from the windscreen if it is then you will need Dicor which can be obtained from Duncan (star spangeled spanner) who is a member on here.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

1st what I would do is get a garden hose start at the bottom of the rubber on the wind screen, get the mrs in side to check the rubber for leaks.

While your outside lots of water on the rubber seal from your garden hose and raises the hose apx 6 inches every 30 seconds up the rubber seal until the mrs can see water coming in.

Do both sides before you do the top bit of the windscreen seal or you will not know where your leak is.

You will have a idea where your leak is.

Then as above speak to Duncan or buy sikaflex 221 in black think its apx £11.

This sikaflex 221 is brilliant stuff, this is what we use at work bonding the wind screens and glass to the cars.



Hi and a great big welcome to the forum from Paul and Debra. As the others have said, try the hose. Get the wife to hold some toilet paper at the screen rubber. You will see it go wet as soon as the leak shows itself. You can also then try it through the back of the cupboards against the fibreglass. Again should show you if it is coming in higher up. We look forward to meeting you.


Thanks for the welcome and the great advise will try the suggestions.

Jason is there still availability for Stratford in September ? thanks
Hi Mike,

Yes there is look at my post you will see my email address, please email me with your forum name I will email you the form in apx 3 weeks time, please fill in the form then Forward it to the email I have provided.

Then Tom will email you the info.