About to buy an RV!


The enforcement now lies with the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). It is entirely funded by penalties I believe. They have been building lots of weighing and impounding centres all over the UK. They started piloting 'Weigh in Motion' in 2004. These sensors are buried into the roads throughout the UK and have cameras and a transmitter close by. They check all weights automatically, including axle and trailer weights. They are very accurate. You will see the patrol vehicles parked a few miles away and they get alerted when a vehicle is probably over weight. They pull the vehicle (Follow Me sign) into the weigh station and then enforce as appropriate. At the moment they have to pull you. They are testing to get accuracy improved so that you will be sent a ticket automatically, like a speed camera. They issued thousands of penalties to motorhome and caravan owners last year, and there were not that many about! You cannot proceed on your journey until the vehicle is either unloaded or a qualified driver takes over. Big brother most certainly is watching. One of the biggest dangers is exceeding the plated weight. Problem with a lot of RVs is that they have been down rated to appear legal for older licence holders. If you are overweight with a down rated vehicle you get done twice if overweight. Anyone been pulled on here?

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The police and vosa pull leisure vehicles at the vosa weigh station on the end of the M56 going in to north wales, it’s normally north wales police. They are clamping down on leisure vehicles, they pulled a car and caravan a few years ago, 6 people on the car and I think it was 11 in the caravan :)