8.1 vortec chevvy belt mis-information belt..

mick e450

Note the belt ,1 only ,fitted to my 2004 landau ...and after ordering seized a/c compressor came with belt >
The belt sent was marked on belt with the same length in mm as the original factory one that had snapped >
After a lot of head scratching ,and the belt wandering over the crank pulley lip ,the supplier checked against the vin number and assured it was the correct length.
Oh yes it was marked the same as the snapped 1, in mm BUT BUT after a lot of overnight thoughts my friend measured the snapped one and it was shorter by 8cm than marked >
Conclusion -- we think that the correct but wrongly marked belt has been fitted on engine build at factory ,and subsequently all suppliers think that this incorrect length as marked wrongly, is the right one .SO just measure and dont accept what 3 suppliers told my friend ,and order by length the correct one ,not the one the vin confirms !!


Don't for get you have a certain amount of play on the tensioner.

I replaced mine the other month.

The original belt was a 7pk belt when it should of been a 8pk I bought the original size size in the hand book It should be 8pk 1790mm.

Again the one I removed was 7pk 1840 so not only slightly narrow but slightly to long.

mick e450

This one supplied was some 4 to 5 inches too long ,and was the correct ribbing ,but the original snapped one was marked on the belt wrong when actually measured !,Also virtually no tensioner action due to the wrong too long supplied belt !!


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There are 2 different belts for an 8.1 chevy engine, the early one is 103 inches long, the later one is 108 inches unfortunately for you they changed in 2004, if I get one to change I always take both if yours was broken due to a seized compressor, and got overheated, they can shrink or stretch.