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  1. Daybreaker

    Happy Birthday Merv-IOM

    Appy barfday Merv do ave a gud un.(y)
  2. Daybreaker

    A bit of a jaunt

    We are off up to the dales Sunday for an unplanned trip upper hurst caravan park. Buxton for shopping is near. Lots of lovely hiking and food Thanks Arthur for the Scottish angle we have been 3 times and loved it( I’m a jock so have to say that) Now hoping to go again soon
  3. Daybreaker

    Misted double glazed

    Steve you had single glazed windows use a dry cloth or get a dehumidifier :D :D ;)
  4. Daybreaker

    Fuel system type

    What me take the micturin? Not me misssus ooer
  5. Daybreaker

    COVID -19

    I knew it would end in tiers ;)
  6. Daybreaker

    LPG filling issues

    46 at the places I posted in a pic
  7. Daybreaker

    LPG filling issues

    So good I had to post twice. Hollyhedge Lane is easy as we used it but had to take off the toad. As domestic Lpg was on wrong side
  8. Daybreaker

    LPG filling issues

    Bp on the a5 just off the m6 junction 12 heading for Gailey easy in and out with toad 64.9 p Found these last time at Wolverhampton
  9. Daybreaker


    We all are
  10. Daybreaker

    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    I’ve got a 7.4 Chevy and towing a car get about 15 check brakes aren’t binding urgently
  11. Daybreaker

    Tyre blow out

    I ran over a disintergrated caravan on the a1 oop north. Brian to the rescue new tyres arrived next day
  12. Daybreaker

    new suppension rubber blocks

    Is that a dinosaur fossil???
  13. Daybreaker

    Tyre blow out

    How does a 2 yr old tyre blow????
  14. Daybreaker

    Tregoad park sold

    Seems a lot of Parks find it more profitable
  15. Daybreaker


    So how do you vent engine tanks ? And if you vent an Lpg tank in a garage you will shut down the whole petrol station as an emergency situation :eek::eek::eek:
  16. Daybreaker


    Correct mate
  17. Daybreaker


    Never opened ours in 10 years. And our engine runs on it too. Shut off automatically at 80%
  18. Daybreaker


    Filllpg is better as it’s updated regularly. My Lpg is lagging way behind as we found oop north with 2 shell garages opting out
  19. Daybreaker

    Chevy van 30 Four winds

    Usually a problem like manifold blowing or lambda sensor down or something else the computer has picked up. Needs a reader to diagnose exact reason
  20. Daybreaker

    Another one bites the dust

    On the way to visit relatives in Bristol called in at gordano services.... horrors they are removing the Lpg. Couldn’t even get in for petrol:mad::mad::mad: