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    Happy Birthday Chris ( car 1966 Tony &Chris)

    Happy birthday from RRV x
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    This weeks fun .....

    You ought to do a regular post Adi and Cassie (with photos of course) on all the. Different jobs you do - makes good interesting reading for us RV anoraks 8-)
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    Happy Birthday Graham - Yogibear

    Happy birthday graham Hope you’ve had a good day
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    Happy Birthday Mo - Adventura

    Happy birthday x from tina and john
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    Congratulations kev and bev

    As my dad always says “you’d have got less for murder” Well done for 40 years - and i hope you both look after each other for many years to come :-0
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    New to RV's

    BUY WITH YOUR HEAD NOT YOUR HEART :-) We absolutely love RRV - but it’s been an amazingly rewarding and expensive experience- there’s a lot that can and generally does go wrong with an RV - all are fixable and some are cheap - but some are really expensive. Check everything - tyres -...
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    Sad news

    I’ve just bought a new back for my fridge - it’s 16 years old and I don’t want something like this to happened to it :-)
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    dave from davensue

    Happy birthday Dave - love tina and john xxxx
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    MR6471G built in Samsung microwave

    Hi is your microwave a 120v ? And what are the dimensions? As I have a spare one in full working order :-)
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    Maybe I should clarify this statement a little - that’s loaded to the gunnels with virtually all our worldly goods including mobile kitchen - awning - canoe - mats etc etc etc oh and Tina’s shoes + a 2 tonne car and trailer and 2 electric bikes And I think that would be 6 US gallons /mile - so...
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    6 !!!!!!
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    For Sale Atwood oven & hob

    Brilliant cooker - we changed ours last year for the same one :-)
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    Belfield did mine - i was please with the job and they gave me about 10 Mtrs of material as off cuts so managed to use this to match bits and bobs up :-)
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    Phase 2 or 3 or is it 4 ?

    Most recent update :-} It’s been a while and the RV isn’t ready yet - however this isn’t Tom’s fault (RV Installations) - i said I didn’t need RRV back so he prioritised his other work He called me today with an update and its all looking very positive :-) So far all the 12v DC work has...
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    This bloke must have won twice on Bullseye

    He must have been the guy that asked me if I wanted a couple of tv’s at Chorley services the other day !
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    Spain anyone?

    We’re not going to be able to go anywhere until January :-( - doing up house until end September- youngest step daughter pregnant - due late October - Boys demanding Christmas at Bruno’s December So January at the earliest- RRV should all be ready by then too ;-)
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    MOT Station (Rugby Area)

    Is Gary still doing MOTs? I had mine done there last year but Gary said he probably wouldn’t be able to do them this year coz ford and slater had taken them over. Great if he’s still doing them! -
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    Don’t what!!!! - how’s a man supposed to sleep when he’s only getting 1/2 the sentence? :-)
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    I've found the solution

    Well he’s got 2 so you can have one and I’ll have the other - if not it’ll be cheaper for adi to make 2 so we can put our order in next week :-)
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    Phase 2 or 3 or is it 4 ?

    That’s Tina - haha