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  1. johnpengers

    Happy Birthday Pedro

    :party::party: Happy Birthday Pedro:party::party: Hope you have a gudun !!!! Best Wishes from us two in Zummerzet(y)
  2. johnpengers

    Happy Birthday Merv-IOM

    :party::party: Happy Birthday Merv.:party::party: You never know your luck, Craig might put his hand in his pocket and buy you a pint !!!!........Don't hold your breath though !! :rofl:(y)
  3. johnpengers

    Tyre blow out

    What are you doing on Wraxhall Hill if you've been to Wells ?
  4. johnpengers


    You're going to struggle getting LPG in and around Wells.I believe Bawdrip fuel station stocks it on the A39 on the way to the M5. What I recall is it's a small fuel station with a bloody low canopy !!!!:(. Personally I'd run home on petrol........certainly not worth damaging the Rv ! I...
  5. johnpengers

    Wareham forest

    And ours too !!!.......As for Wells,We'll probably be on there all over Christmas and new year whilst the house sale goes through.........I can't wait !!!!(y)(y).
  6. johnpengers

    Happy Birthday Chris ( car 1966 Tony &Chris)

    :party::party: Happy Birthday Chris:party::party: From us in Zummerzet too !!!(y)
  7. johnpengers


    Nooooooo !!!!!! Not again......Please !!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  8. johnpengers

    LPG filling issues

    If you're passing Podimore services on the A303 they still have LPG. Certainly not local but worth topping up if you're coming to Somerset.(y)
  9. johnpengers

    This weeks fun .....

    Ten minute job then Adi ?.;)(y)
  10. johnpengers

    Happy birthday Ann - Lone Ranger

    And us...........:party::party: Happy Birthday Ann:party::party:
  11. johnpengers

    Happy Birthday Steve - Steve Martin

    Hey old timer.......:party::party: Happy Birthday:party::party:. Have a great day Steve !!!! Best Wishes, John & Ci.(y)
  12. johnpengers

    Happy Birthday Mo - Adventura

    :party::party: Happy birthday Mo:party::party:. From us in Zummerzet(y)
  13. johnpengers

    Thanks Adi.

    All good thanks Rob.I'd have been surprised if she'd failed.......She hasn't been out since march.:((y).A couple of runs down the A303 and that's been it.
  14. johnpengers

    Thanks Adi.

    Had an mot and oil change etc done at Adi's place today.As usual a great job at a great price. Lovely to see Cassie looking so well too(y). Many Thanks Adi.
  15. johnpengers

    Rv being recovered on M26 this morning

    Love the new avatar Steve(y)(y)(y)
  16. johnpengers

    Oct break

    Wells Holiday Park in Somerset.Hopefully we'll be on there awaiting our house sale and prospective purchase to go through.....Fingers crossed !(y)
  17. johnpengers

    Waste disposal, i.e emptying onboard tanks without moving the rig

    I'd struggle getting something that deep under the Rv especially with the air levelling,Fortunately my Fiamma waste master just about makes it !(y)
  18. johnpengers

    Waste disposal, i.e emptying onboard tanks without moving the rig

    In my opinion you've done the right thing.My "tote" came from the Malvern show.I was wandering through the general camping section with old Mo and there was one outside a euro box for sale !!! It even had the Rv connector fitted,I think it was £25 quid !!!!. No way would I pay £300 for one of...
  19. johnpengers

    Waste disposal, i.e emptying onboard tanks without moving the rig

    Spot on !!. That's how we do it,I've recently fitted a masorator toilet to make things that little bit more civilised(y).From both tanks we now get liquid and to be honest the grey smells worse than the black ! If we can't get on an "all serviced" pitch then this is the only way to go.(y)
  20. johnpengers

    dave from davensue

    Happy birthday old timer:party::party:.We'll see you on thurs and looking forward to you buying lunch !!!!:rofl: