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    Advent microwave oven

    Anyone know how to get access to inner glass of door for cleaning.
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    Bailey pheonix 640 2021 model

    Just ordered a new one of these for use when RV is away for repair and house is under repair after fire .I will be looking to sell it on early in new year when work on house is finished and RV is returned if any one is interested.
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    old rockers

    All you old rockers wanting to stay young give Black Tree Vultures a listen.
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    Dexter screen door slider panel

    Found out how to do it by putting the old grey matter into problem solving mode.Put 2"of very warm water into sink.Not to hot as to distort plastic just over what your hand can stand leave in water about 1 minute to warm plastic. Insert into bottom slide runner first, then using a table knife...
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    Dexter screen door slider panel

    Yes to googled can't find anything.No to photos do not know how to and camera Distroyed in house fire of 9 weeks ago.Wife does not know how to use her phone camera and me I ai'nt got a clue of even how to use a mobile phone let alone take photos on one. Hey Ho and I think I'm better off for it...
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    Dexter screen door slider panel

    Have today received my new dexter door slider panel but it will not fit into slider slots seems just a little to big and it is a ridged plastic so will not flex to gain me that little more space to get it to fit into bottom after fitting into top slider first. HELP
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    Sad news

    Very sorry to hear of the loss of your RV and our heart goes out to you.We are living in our RV after our house was partly destroyed by fire (7 weeks ago) RV also damaged and that is a nightmare dealing with Axa (broker motorhome and caravan club)They just do not have a clue when it comes to...
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    Adi, absolute gentleman.

    Comes as no surprise to us who know Adi and Cassie.
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    We're not dead

    We are currently living in our RV after house fire and have been for the last 5 weeks. This full timing malarky a'int for me have been told we are not going to get our house back for at least 6 months. How do you full timers survive. Tips needed on survival long time in RV.Can be grateful at...
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    Wanted 5th wheel

    Mechelec from Fareham came out on Saturday to look at damage to RV have to wait for them to report back.Still looking for 5th wheel if any one knows of one for sale @ about 12 grand
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    Parking Fine

    Parking fine. No it was not according to the wardens. Best of luck with your appeal.
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    Wanted 5th wheel

    Thanks Rick he is away till Monday if nothing turns up by then I will ring him again.
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    Wanted 5th wheel

    Thanks.Bit to far away as am still shielding
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    Wanted 5th wheel

    Need 5th wheel for to live in after house fire three weeks ago my Thor ace is going to in for repair as that was damaged to in fire.Price around the £12,000.00 mark.
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    american rv club

    No thanks. But thank you
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    american rv club

    Anyone know what has happened to this club unable to get on to their site.
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    Wanted Wanted 15ft safari room

    Pop up gazebo lot cheaper and easier to put up and take down.
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    Auto glym

    Only wash roof once a year did it mid march this year then washed rest of rv ( no resin polish applied then) NO RUN MARKS
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    Auto glym

    Only wash roof once a year did it mid march this year then washed rest of rv ( no resin polish applied then) NO RUN MARKS
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    Auto glym

    Have now corrected damage done by using different products.Removed run marks with AA wash and wax then washed all of rv with CS201 cherry shampoo and wax.Now have a show room gloss finish without run marks. Superb product and only £26.99 for 25 litres delivered free from e bay. Well pleased with...