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    Advent microwave oven

    Anyone know how to get access to inner glass of door for cleaning.
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    Bailey pheonix 640 2021 model

    Just ordered a new one of these for use when RV is away for repair and house is under repair after fire .I will be looking to sell it on early in new year when work on house is finished and RV is returned if any one is interested.
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    old rockers

    All you old rockers wanting to stay young give Black Tree Vultures a listen.
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    Dexter screen door slider panel

    Have today received my new dexter door slider panel but it will not fit into slider slots seems just a little to big and it is a ridged plastic so will not flex to gain me that little more space to get it to fit into bottom after fitting into top slider first. HELP
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    Wanted 5th wheel

    Need 5th wheel for to live in after house fire three weeks ago my Thor ace is going to in for repair as that was damaged to in fire.Price around the £12,000.00 mark.
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    american rv club

    Anyone know what has happened to this club unable to get on to their site.
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    Auto glym

    Has anyone had problems with water run marks after washing their rv (using auto glym pure shampoo) after pre'viously using auto glym resin polish to polish rv. Have now changed to AA wash and wax and do not get this problem any more when I wash rv.
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    Disgusted by what some people will do during this crisis

    Looked on ebay to see if I could buy some dried yeast.Have you seen prices being asked. one spiv asking £5.50p for 2 single 7 gram Tesco sachets.Real low life still exists. One of the greedy bastards who bought it all up. e bay should ban them from their site
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    food parcels for the most vulnerable

    Any one had one of these yet or know any one who has.BET YOU DON'T
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    NO SEX> NO FOOD> NO HOPE > Retirement is great soon it will be no money when the banks go pop. Whats not to like.Folk tell me I must live in Hope but can't find it on the map.
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    what polish

    Nothing better to do, what polish to restore colour and put a great shine on a 6year old Thor Ace that I have never polished from new. Only washed with wash and wax and how much polish will I require to do whole motorhome.
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    Just a thought.

    Anyone know what became of the Len Fairclough school of swimming.
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    Doctors gp Locum

    Nothing better to do so Googled rates of pay for locums. Seems the average is about £ 100.00 per hour.No wonder you can never get a appointment. At these rates I bet none of them work more than 2 x8 hour shifts. Not bad for 2 days work £1,600.00. To quote a old post greedy landlords we've...
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    Service mot

    Many thanks to Adi for servicing and getting our Thor Ace through it's MOT again.
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    windscreen cleaning

    Anyone know of a windscreen wash that can be used from a bucket with a brush and swilled off with a hose pipe that will leave windscreen mark free.
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    Water pump bitter sweet

    Pump packed in while away last weekend.Ordered new one from ebay only took 6 days to arrive from States. Cost £85.00 with post. While waiting for it to arrive decided to try to find cause of fault. took pressure switch off turned out to be micro switch inside, same switch as used in Arcade game...
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    thor ace tv

    Any one replaced the lounge( jensen) tv in the Thor Ace. Needs to be a 32"flat back no more than 5cm depth that will fit on to existing swinging arm. Want to do away with 12v set top box.
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    Scaffold tower

    Any one ever bought a scaffold tower to use for cleaning of RV roof.At 73 I'm not as steady as I use to be.Looking at a new one galvanised steel 14ft high, 4ft wide, 2ft deep, platform at 8ft. with castor wheels and 3 platform boards at a cost of £268.00. any feed back is welcome.
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    Newbury Southern Motorhome Show,16th-19th May

    Any one doing any thing for this show, do not know why the club is not at this event have always found this to be one of the better events.
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