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  1. Djstew

    Bounder in for a facelift

    A Superhawk? Very nice. Never owned a Sunseeker. Had two Sealines, two Princesses, a Fairline, plus four others of various makes. One of which was wooden and had mushrooms growing in the cupboards. Think it might have been a bit damp!
  2. Djstew

    Dover Ferry Stop Off

    Sounds good. What is the name of the road?
  3. Djstew

    Dover Ferry Stop Off

    Cheers all. I did wonder about Castle Hill coach parking in Dover
  4. Djstew

    Dover Ferry Stop Off

    I have an early ferry booked vis DFDS Dover to Calais. Was wondering about laying up overnight somewhere beforehand. Is there parking at the port? Or somewhere nearby? Regards david
  5. Djstew

    Help with Woodburner Glass

    When the glass on my wood burner goes black I give it the equivalent of an Italian service. I light a fire and get it as hot as possible. Really roaring. Any old wood goes on there . Chipboard burns really hot. And that glue strand stuff. Failing that I’ve got an old telegraph pole chopped up...
  6. Djstew

    RV Ride Comfort

    We had an Autotrail Cheyenne Tag Axle. Sold it for. Damon Daybreak on a Workhorse chassis then onto. Georgie Boy on a Ford. Both far superior to the Autotrail.
  7. Djstew

    Black waste

    I don’t have any solids as I live on a diet of curry and exlax
  8. Djstew

    Black waste

    Grass grows well though.......
  9. Djstew

    Black waste

    If I’m only staying for a couple of days on a grass pitch I just leave the valve open to drip on the grass. No problems then.
  10. Djstew

    12v 100Ah Battery - Discount?

    Trojan is the answer. Now what was the question?
  11. Djstew

    Research Questions

    We have a bunkhouse Georgie Boy. Only changed from our Damon coz I got bored with trapping my fingers in the dinette twice a day! With two kids a bunkhouse will work really well. David
  12. Djstew

    Lead Acid Batteries

    You might need a few!
  13. Djstew

    Lead Acid Batteries

  14. Djstew

    Lead Acid Batteries

    I used 6v in series as it takes up less space to get the same amp hours. My two Trojan T140 are 260ah each wired in series so 12v @260 ah. There is no way a pair of 12v 130ah batteries wired in parallel (to give 12v @ 260ah) would fit in the same space. And don’t bother fitting anything...
  15. Djstew

    He cut the blue wire!

    What exactly would be this ‘portable’ water you woul connect to it anyway? Surely they have google?
  16. Djstew

    A Visit To Weymouth

    Dropped off my Georgie Boy to ABM in Weymouth a couple of weeks ago. Left Adi & Cassie a list of work and they ran me to the station. Collected the RV today and note the following: All the work was completed The work was done on time as promised. The price was fair. My list was returned to me...
  17. Djstew

    Longleat caravan park

    We have done it twice with a 36’. Always give the warden a ring to book. Do obey the entry/exit times as they try to have one way traffic.
  18. Djstew

    Want an RV but a few questions

    Far better 15 years old with 50k miles than 10 years old and 5k. They like to be used. Throw away tyres over 5 years old no matter how good they look, We are family of 3 and black tank lasts up to a fortnite.As there is no Elsan fluid in an RV tank you can empty down most manholes. If a site...
  19. Djstew

    RV Insurance

    Beware Adrian Flux windscreen cover. I had a quote from them and asked about windscreen limits, was told it was unlimited. When I finally saw the written policy details windscreen was limited to £1000. No good at all for an RV. REGARDS
  20. Djstew

    RV Insurance

    I’ve just insured my 10 ton RV with NFU. Ring the Spalding branch. David