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  1. Djstew

    Dover Ferry Stop Off

    I have an early ferry booked vis DFDS Dover to Calais. Was wondering about laying up overnight somewhere beforehand. Is there parking at the port? Or somewhere nearby? Regards david
  2. Djstew

    A Visit To Weymouth

    Dropped off my Georgie Boy to ABM in Weymouth a couple of weeks ago. Left Adi & Cassie a list of work and they ran me to the station. Collected the RV today and note the following: All the work was completed The work was done on time as promised. The price was fair. My list was returned to me...
  3. Djstew

    RAC Arrivals and NFU

    Was considering this as an insurance option but I am worried about travelling in Europe. If I have an accident in the UK then NFU would get the RV home. If I break down then RAC will do the same. In Europe RAC wiill repatriate for breakdown but not after an accident, however minor. NFU will...
  4. Djstew

    For Sale WFCO Power Converter

    WFCO 55 amp Power Converter WF-9855 110VAC 950 Watt 3 stage battery charger Perfect working order £50 + postage
  5. Djstew

    Credit where it’s due for a Great Service.

    Took my Georgie Boy for first service since we’ve owned it. Service all done with couple of minor problems. Couldn’t get grease into kingpins at first so had to warm them a bit to soften old stuff. And they thought a couple of red lights should be orange for the MOT. Also on checking rear diff...
  6. Djstew

    RV Service Kent

    Hi all. Please can anyone suggest a decent option for RV servicing in Kent? Would love to use Duncan or Adi but they are just too far away. Regards David
  7. Djstew

    NFU Insurance

    Wanted an insurance quote from NFU. So I tried my local branch ‘we don’t insure RV’s” Tried Louth branch which several others have recommended “we don’t insure RV’s “ Any other ideas? Regards David
  8. Djstew

    Front seat belts

    My 2011 registered Georgie Boy only has 2 point lap seat belts on the captains chairs in the front. They are attached to the seat base and look original. It has passed several MOT's. I would really rather have 3 point belts for obvious reasons but wonder if that's possible. Obviously it's not...
  9. Djstew

    Atwood Heater Problems

    Atwood GC6AA-10E gas/electric water heater. Was working fine yesterday. Now does nothing, zero, zilch. No sparking, nothing. Checked 12 volts supply to circuit board present when switched on. Not sure if it was like it when first tested but seems small fuse on circuit board keeps blowing...
  10. Djstew

    Installing Inverter

    Just got my Georgie Boy and have been thinking about an inverter. On the last van just had a small 300w inverter to power the mains TV when off grid. New van has 3 mains TV's and DVD players, not to mention oyster satellite dish. So what is the best way forward? Don't want to power the...
  11. Djstew

    Georgie Boy 3540DS

    Hi there We are getting very interested in a Georgie Boy 3540DS bunk house RV Ford Chassis, 2008 with Lpg conversion. We currently have a 2008 Damon Daybreak 3270 Workhorse but would really like the bunk room. Would appreciate any advice or thoughts. Regards David
  12. Djstew

    RIP Rick Parfitt

    Rocking all over another World. Who in today's charts is going to last 50 years?
  13. Djstew

    Scotland Tour

    Next summer we are planning two weeks North of the border in our Damon. I would appreciate some ideas on a possible itinerary and must see places mostly West Coast. We like proper sites rather than wild camp, to move every two or three days, and we have a 10 year old so the occasional swimming...
  14. Djstew

    Overnight for Portsmouth Ferry

    Hi all Taking an 08:15 ferry from Portsmouth next week and was wondering about an overnight stop nearby. Is Port Solent still an option? Thought about maybe stopping there overnight or perhaps have dinner at Port Solent then drive to the port for around 11:30pm. Any thoughts either way...
  15. Djstew

    Where to mount dash cam?

    So after my incident with the muppet who reversed into me I am now the proud owner of a dash cam. So where to put it? Top of the screen or at the bottom? Thoughts?
  16. Djstew

    The absolute muppet

    Returning from a rally today all was well. Joining the M20 slip road I hear a honking. Some idiot is trying to get in front of me on the slip road where it goes from 2 lanes to one. I am on the inside, he was hiding in the blind spot on the passenger side. He was never in front of me coz I...
  17. Djstew

    Caravan Club Longleat

    Turned up at the Longleat CC site yesterday. Been before in an ice cream van but first time in our Damon 3270. Booked on the phone as website says max 9m. Very helpful and said they will reserve us a large pitch. Drove down the narrow lane no problems. Arrived at reception to be met by...
  18. Djstew

    Wheel Nut Thread Size

    Damon Daybreak 3270 Workhorse W18 2008. Can anybody help me out with the wheel nut thread size? They use a 27mm socket and they are the 10 stud wheels. Thanks David
  19. Djstew

    Parts from the USA help needed.

    I need two wheel nut covers for my Damon. I have identified the part, they are made by Wheelmasters. I have the part number and they are in stock. Problem is Wheelmasters will not ship to the UK. The suggested I tried one of their dealers, etrailer. They don't ship to the UK either. Any ideas...
  20. Djstew

    Wheel Liner Lug Nut Cover Help Needed Please

    Damon Daybreak 3270 2008 Worrkhorse W18 After having some tyres fitted two of my wheel nut covers have come off. They have captive nuts inside them 27mm. The cover needs s 30mm socket. The wheel liners have no name on them apart from a number which is 7196W3J. Anybody have any idea of the...