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    Hi, can anyone offer advice on refilling LPG. Refilling for the 1st time, I understand release valve should be open whilst filling, but should it be hissing and smell gas, not sure if this is safe!! Also does full on the gauge indicate 80% full. Cheers
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    Dometic Fridge Freezer Safety Modification

    Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on safety modification to a Dometic Fridge Freezer. We're new to RVing and just getting to know it. I think the fridge is 20yrs old and just a little concerned about recent fires
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    Lpg stations

    Having trouble finding a lpg station to refill for cooking/furnace etc, anybody know of any in Beds Herts or Bucks area. I've tried looking on filllpg but cannot find any.
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    Rubber roof cleaning

    Anybody got suggestions on rubber roof cleaner and protectant. We repainted last year and just want to maintain it
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    Rubber roof cleaner/protectant

    Anyone got suggestions for the best rubber roof cleaner/protectant. We repainted it last year and want to make sure it's maintained.
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    Window awnings

    Hi there, new to rvoc. Has anyone got any thoughts on window awnings?