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  1. shovelheadrob

    Toad anyone?

  2. shovelheadrob

    Bungle bear

    Has anyone spoken to Anthony recently? Someone i know has been trying to call him, left a message but he's not called back.
  3. shovelheadrob

    Bit of a long shot

    Has anyone got a flare nut kicking around that fits an RV fridge, when someone removed the fridge from my toy hauler they just cut the pipe, I've acquired a nearly new fridge, but it has no fitting. I have pipe & a flaring tool, but don't mind if it comes on a bit of pipe. TIA
  4. shovelheadrob

    Sad news

    Electrical fault caused this at Monkey tree in Cornwall last night, the RV was destroyed, the owner is fine as the smoke detector did it's job.
  5. shovelheadrob

    What a bargain!

  6. shovelheadrob

    Onan Marquis 5500 generator starting problem

    My toy hauler has a Marquis gold 5500 generator, I've got it running by spraying some fuel directly into the carb. But it won't keep running. The fuel pump is fine, pipe off the carb & fuel flow both on prime & when the motor is running. Once it gets warm (several starts & 5-10 minutes) it will...
  7. shovelheadrob

    Spring is round the corner, thanks Amazon!

    Just got some new ramp springs for the toy hauler, Amazon has now achieved top trumps status for wasted packaging & volume for shipping. 3 springs sent in large box, 1 in a Jiffy bag, all from the same supplier, all delivered by same driver, all 4 fit in the Jiffy bag with room to spare. Rant...
  8. shovelheadrob

    Shipping smaller stuff from the USA

    I've recently been told about Stackry, it's a forwarding/consolidation service for shipping stuff from the USA. I'm currently getting a few bits and pieces together for the latest aquisition & as usual half the sellers won't ship here & I don't want to wait for one of STS's containers. I should...
  9. shovelheadrob

    Got followed home today. ....

    Had a day trip to Barrow in Furness today and got followed all the way home by this. No interior pics until the weekend.
  10. shovelheadrob

    Roof repair recommendations

    I've been to look at a toy hauler, it's pretty good apart from the roof, it's not leaking now but has some historical water ingress & will need a section of the roof repairing. If I had somewhere & some time, I'd happily do it myself but I have neither at the moment. Any recommendations...
  11. shovelheadrob

    For Sale Hadley air horns

    Not mine & I know nothing other than I've just seen these advertised for sale on Facebook, thought that someone might want them
  12. shovelheadrob

    Small diesel pusher anyone?

    Saw this advertised Didn't realise you could get a pusher that short!
  13. shovelheadrob

    Hollyfast caravan park Coventry

    We're going to an event at the Ricoh Arena next year & this place is quite close, they have a pic of an RV in their gallery, has anyone staid there? Not really worried about facilities just being able to fit! 5th wheel is 36ft.
  14. shovelheadrob

    Dash cameras abroad

    I've only just found this out, by chance reading of something on Facebook, dash cam use in some other countries is prohibited & in Austria it's actually illegal to own one! I'm not quite sure how that works when travelling through but it's worth reading & considering your actions. Or how it...
  15. shovelheadrob

    Thinking of a change

    Toying with the idea of a new tow truck, whatdya think? 6.7 Cummins & Allison transmission, might need a C+E licence but what's not to like?
  16. shovelheadrob

    Petition for changes to licencing

    This is not just about people diagnosed with Parkinsons, it's about time that there was a different licencing category for motorhome/RVs for non commercial use. If enough people sign the petition then something must be done.
  17. shovelheadrob

    Driving licence (old paper type)

    Who has still got an old paper driving licence? There has been no requirement to update these to a photo card style, so I'm sure that quite a few people who have not changed address in the last decade will still have one. If you do, please check with DVLA that your licence is on file, I've just...
  18. shovelheadrob

    For Sale Windbreak Leisure 10 x 20 x 10 for sale (brand new) SOLD!!!

    A good friend of mine has this for sale, it came with a motorhome that he's bought & has never been used. Colour is blue, these are the best windbreak you can buy, I have one myself & I know that a few others on here use them too. Cost new today is £745, can be bought for half of that £375 ovno.
  19. shovelheadrob

    Trailer registration..