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    new suppension rubber blocks

    hi gyys sorry havnt been on in a while been busy with rv and chasing down my parcel for last 2 weeks from ups as they lost almost a 1000 pounds worth of suppension parts well going to try replace them this week all being well thats state of old 1s ive 4 nice new 1s to fit and new ball joint on...
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    Need seriouse advice went to work on rv today an found i have a big problem my rubber suppension has collapsed on one side is it possible to do away with these and fit some air bags with a smallish compressor in 1 of the locker to blow them up as im on verge of calling it a day an either...
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    New interior roof lining

    Hi ive finally done new roof lining can see light at end of tunnel now hope every 1s well
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    Roof lining

    Well ive started to replace roof lining before and after
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    Well ive chased new wiring through the body of rv as water pump wring was bad so feed new through an now to takle the roof lining an replace it with something more durable
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    Well ive finally got brakes all working sorted out the boost system an all dne its took a while but happy that there sorted on to nxt job i guess nxt week end
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    Well refitted servo an master cylinder ju have fill fluid an wait for ju weekend to pump brakes so i can bleed them see if ive sorted problem
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    Cleaning stuff

    Just thought id share this with u i had to clean the fitting when resealing on roof an my sister told me to try this product its called pink stuff its a paste so i tried it an this is the result just a few may be intrested u get it of ebay an poundland
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    Hi guys hope all r well i checked on rv last Friday evening on way home from work to find with all the rain we had i ended up with 3 leaks in roof so it was a crazy weekend to try an seal the leaks which ive hopefully dne but when i went to replace the gaskets on aircons on roof i found...
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    Pulley belts wheel

    Can any advise me where can get a replacement 1 of these its of an f53 7.5 v8 ford many thanks
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    Interior roof lining

    Any 1 know best glue to use for re gluing polystyrene insulation bk to roof before i replace with new roof lining as all needs to be reglued many thanks hope every 1 is safe an well
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    Rv up weight up grade

    Hi any 1 know how hard it is to get rv re upgraded bk to original weight as its was down graded when shipped in country an wots involved as chaning wheel sizes ect just thinking about the possibility if doing it not decided yet
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    Kholer generator

    Looking for some advice ive taken my generator out of rv to do some repairs to it ive repaired the starter motor an replaced the solenoid i cnt seem to get a spark at the points or plugs an struggling a little to understand why any advice is greatly appreciated sorry if ive posted on...
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    Just thought id say hi as new here hope every 1s keeping safe take care all