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  1. Paul Michael


    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is an RV mechanic who works near Kings Lynn please? Thanks Paul
  2. Paul Michael


    Hi all, Clearing out my garage and found this. Can anyone tell me what engine it is from please? T.I.A.
  3. Paul Michael


    American RV Tow hitch for sale £100.00 I remember buying a bike rack and had to remove this first but I can't remember what I removed it from. If interested, please measure the distance between your chassis rails and I will measure this to make sure it fits. Thanks Paul
  4. Paul Michael


    Hi all, I am thinking of losing my dinette in my Damon Daybreak. It seems too expensive to get a double recliner shipped from the USA due to the delivery charge etc. so does anyone know if there is someone in the UK who can make a double recliner sofa for me? Something like in the attached...
  5. Paul Michael


    Hi Guys, I had a 1600w inverter fitted by ADI4 last year together with 4 x Trojan 125 batteries. I am happy with the performance as it re-charges the batteries quickly etc. At the moment, I have a cable plugged into the inverter and it is routed through to the inside of the RV into the top...
  6. Paul Michael

    Runaway RV!

    Be careful Guys!
  7. Paul Michael

    Campsite vey close to the beach required

    Hi Guys. I had a total hip replacement 7 days ago and the healing process has gone slightly wrong making me very weak and fragile. I need a few more weeks recovery before I can drive but I need to go somewhere for complete relaxation. I was thinking of taking the RV as close to the sea as...
  8. Paul Michael

    Why are we still looking at photos that are 6 - 9 years old on this forum?

    Does anyone know why the photos are so old?
  9. Paul Michael

    Has anyone been stopped in France when towing a car on an A frame?

    Hi all, I believe it is illegal to tow a car on an "A frame" i.e. Not on a trailer. I am just trying to find out if anyone has been stopped and if so, were you fined or just warned? Thanks Paul
  10. Paul Michael

    RV STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE in Shefford, near Biggleswade/Baldock/ Bedford

    I have moved my RV to a storage site nearer my home but have paid for the storage in Shefford until July 2019. This site is a CASSOA GOLD - Very secure site with 3 metre fencing, CCTV, and Three entry gates for secure storage. Please contact me if you want to take this storage space over as...
  11. Paul Michael

    Commons Wood Caravan & Motorhome Club site, Welwyn Garden City - storage fees

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me the current charge for keeping their RV at Commons Wood storage site. I know there are 5 or 6 RV's there. I'm hoping that one or more of them are in the RVOC T.I.A. Paul
  12. Paul Michael

    For Sale Registration No. MY55 ARV for sale

    Registration number for sale. MY 55 ARV If anyone is interested in this reg No. please let me know as a friend of mine wants to sell it. All offers considered. Thanks Paul
  13. Paul Michael

    Another good job by Adi4

    A big thank you to Adi & Cassie. I had 4 x Trojan T125's fitted together with a new Stirling 1600w Pure Sign Wave inverter. Adi also did a couple of smaller jobs with no fuss at all. It's a nice neat job and is all working fine. Regards Paul & Laine
  14. Paul Michael

    Locked inside our RV

    Hi all, After a long drive home yesterday arriving at the storage yard where we keep our RV, the door slammed and the lock was broken. We couldn't get out of the RV (No drivers door!) I climbed out of a window and hung down and dropped to the floor. It didn't do my spine of hip problem any...
  15. Paul Michael

    M.O.T. problem with my RV

    Hi all. I wanted to share this on here because I think it will definitely happen to someone else, very soon. I had a quote of £240.00 from mobile RV to M.O.T. my Daymon Daybreak and I thought that was too much so I attempted it myself. I found an M.O.T. station who cater fro larger vehicles...
  16. Paul Michael

    Can anyone explain why all photos in the top box called Random Media are all VERY OLD please?

    Just wondering why there are never any new ones?
  17. Paul Michael

    For Sale 2 x 20metre wind up Hozelock hosepipes.

    You can see them on eBay here:- I am asking £40.00 for the two
  18. Paul Michael

    M.O.T. concern

    Hi Guys, I have got the M.O.T. booked next Monday for my Damon Daybreak and I am a bit worried as I have an intermittent fault. The ABS light comes on sometimes and then a few miles along the road, it goes off again. Most probably a faulty ABS sensor. When I had the RV serviced, the ABS light...
  19. Paul Michael

    What size inverter and batteries do I need?

    Hi Guys, I have been going through my 2007 Damon Daybreak 3070 RV since I bought it last year replacing and adding to it. One problem I still have is the Generac Generator still isn't working which is really annoying. (Cut's out once it warms up) I have had it serviced by Mobile RV, called in...
  20. Paul Michael

    Aluminium Blind problem

    Hi guys. I have a 50inch aluminium blind on one of the windows in my Damon Daybreak. A few days ago I pulled the blind down at night while away and in the morning it wouldn't stay up anymore. I have looked on YouTube etc. and they explain how to change the chords and spring etc. I removed...