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  1. Tanya_and_Mick

    Sitting about

    Hey chaps or chapesses any steer on how to best maintain a stationary RV.... Although I can’t get to storage at the moment ours is likely to be stationary for about 4 months, so is it best (when possible post lockdown): - to just leave her, she’ll be fine - turn the engine and genny once a...
  2. Tanya_and_Mick

    Socket set

    Carrying the right tools (for roadside assist chaps) is most probably a good catch would you say a1 1/2" socket and or 33mm with a lugnut remover make sense for a Thor (2014) with 19.5 wheels Please do shout at me and steer :)
  3. Tanya_and_Mick

    Indicator working but dashboard right turn green arrow not lighting up

    Help guys, I’m assuming it’s just the dashboard right turn bulb that’s stopped working (as left turn internal bulb and outside indicators working OK and right turn outside turn signals all ok just internal bulb not working) Any pointers on the likely bulb type (ford 2014 Thor ace)? Thanks in...
  4. Tanya_and_Mick

    LPG ( a post spotted on MHF)
  5. Tanya_and_Mick

    Hab Check

    Apologies for a newbie question Yearly RV 'hab check' (on a euro this typically would be a damp check, gas cert and flue cleaning, etc) would you suggest [1]yes get the RV checked, or [2]no or [3] just get the genny/boiler/furnace checked. Appreciate any steer; plus thanks?
  6. Tanya_and_Mick

    LAS Motorhomes? Hi all, any ‘good’ or ‘not so good’ feedback on LAS - I’m searching for a service near East Anglia? Thanks in advance for any steer....
  7. Tanya_and_Mick

    F350 or F450? Locking petrol cap

    Hi guys, How do I know if I have a F350 or a F450 chassis (Thor Ace 30.1 2014) - spec just states 'F-Series Super Duty' - is the secret in the VIN? I'm trying to source a lockable fuel cap and I've been asked which F series. Thanks for any help.... Mick
  8. Tanya_and_Mick

    Tyres and toilet

    As we continue on our learning curve confirmation on tyres and toilet would be good :) Tyres: is there a need to change every sixty months, as suggested with a MoHo - regardless of tread? Plus, are tyre pressure as per manual; or, based on axle weight? Toilet: simply pee, poo and toilet paper...
  9. Tanya_and_Mick

    Brand vs Supermarket Petrol

    Hi Guys, my first newbie question / advice - be gentle :) Petrol type (for a Ford V10 6.8) - do you suggest 'cheapest available' (Asda, etc) or a brand (Shell, Esso, BP, etc) and would not dream of VPower / Ultimate, etc.... Plus, does the difference in petrol type impact gennie performance...
  10. Tanya_and_Mick

    Brand new

    Hi all We've been on the sister MHF site for about five years; but, we've joined as we're on the brink of diving into a RV from our Hymer. So, please forgive the dopey questions; plus, we'll search the site before we ask (or check) on what I'm sure is obvious to you seasoned guys. Thanks in...