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  1. paul&debra

    Rv being recovered on M26 this morning

    Was it anyone on here, that was being recovered on M26 West bound this morning. Had a tow car on as well. Was being lifted by front wheels. Was going to fast to spot what make. But hope they get sorted.
  2. paul&debra

    Campsites in Kent and Sussex

    Hi all, I am just curious. Having lived and worked on the Kent and Sussex border for around 40 years. Do people come on holiday to kent and sussex, or just pass through on their way to Dover and New Haven. We have of course Leeds Castle, advertised as probably "the loveliest castle in the...
  3. paul&debra

    Not welcome in Wales

    This is the answer I got, when writing to complain that wales is issuing fines for overnight stops. And perhaps they might consider setting up some kind of Aire. After receiving the reply, I did point out. If they provided facilities for rubbish and toilet waste. They might not get these...
  4. paul&debra

    Safari Trek on Ebay with magic bed

    I do love these little Safari treks, but Debra would never let me Downsize :rofl::rofl:
  5. paul&debra

    12 volt fridge, may be of use.
  6. paul&debra

    Cuckoo Fayre 2020

    As you are all aware, this event is cancelled. But for those of you who are regular attendees, you will understand the poignancy of the photo below.
  7. paul&debra

    For Sale Tilt trailer for sale

    Richardson 16 ft Tilt bed trailer. Handbrake, winch, new Jockey wheel. New floor, new number plate holder and good tyres. It includes a hitch lock and 4 of 8 ton wheel straps. Bad points, spare wheel bad, safety cord broken and one front side light isn't working This is for sale from a friend...
  8. paul&debra


    No idea if this would be useful in RV, but he says at the bottom of the ad, he has these up to 10,000 Watts. What do more knowledgeable people think ...
  9. paul&debra

    Pair of 8 stud 19.5" wheels for sale on Ebay

    Pair of wheels with what look like knackered tyres. But may be useful, for someone looking for a spare wheel...
  10. paul&debra

    Cuckoo Fair 2020 Nr Lewes, East Sussex 22nd to 26th May

    Hi Everyone, The forms for the cuckoo fair are now online. Arrive 22nd May and Leave on 26th. The Monday is a Bank Holiday. This is a lovely meet, but restricted to 16 pitches with Electric. Past attenders have contacted me to book in advance, although a few are provisional. So I will start a...
  11. paul&debra

    Well done Ashley, joined the C licence holders

    Just want to say congrats to Ashley. He has 15 mins ago passed his C test with 2 minors. Well done lad, you can legally drive your own RV now.(y):D
  12. paul&debra

    Nice old Bedford

  13. paul&debra

    Nice old Bedford

  14. paul&debra

    Autumn Fair at the Heritage Field Laughton, nr Lewes

    Hi all, Deb and I are considering organising a rally where they hold the Cuckoo fair for the Autumn. They have a very similar event on the 7th and 8th of September, with camping allowed from the 6th leaving on the 9th. Now the weather is likely to be a bit more suspect, but we have had some...
  15. paul&debra

    For Sale Trailer hitch lock

    Hi all, clearing our lockers for our trip to Spain. I have come across our purchased Hitch lock. We used it to protect our motorbike trailer being hitched up and stolen. We now have a rack on the back of the RV, so no longer needed. No decent offer refused
  16. paul&debra

    Bargain if you need chairs

    Just seen these n Dunelm
  17. paul&debra

    Cuckoo Fair 24th to 28th May

    Hi Everyone, I have had contact with the organiser and they have agreed, to let us have the area on the left as we go in to the field, with our backs to the Hedge. This should stop the few problems we had last year, with the general campers using our area as a short cut. You can arrive on...
  18. paul&debra

    M20 Closed this Weekend

    The M20 is closed this weekend if anyone is heading for Dover or the Channel tunnel. Check google maps and maybe use M2 instead.
  19. paul&debra

    Warwick services on M40 southbound

    I know we have posted before, but always a useful reminder. There is a drive over dump next to the lorry park and a water tap. If you follow signs for caravans, as you go to the left of the lorry park, there is a bay with a grate. We have just dumped and no one has asked for payment or anything...
  20. paul&debra

    M4 Accident junction 18 to 19

    Major Accident on M4 between junction 18 and 19 in both directions, police warn people to find an alternative route. Lorry through the barrier by the looks of it, blocking at least two lanes in both directions. I know a number of you are around that area. So thought a heads up might be useful.