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  1. Dgrbruv

    Retrofest - Newark

    Hi Guys, I have had an email listing early bird prices for booking either of the Retrofest Festivals in 2020. We can't attend the Newbury one but I wondered if it was booking Newark early or does the RVOC have its own arrangements nearer the time?
  2. Dgrbruv

    Santa Pod - Top Fuel

    Hi, Anyone going down to Santa Pod this Bank Holiday weekend? We will be there from Thurs with the rest of the family arriving on Friday - Nice family gathering of 3 generations. Plus first trip out in our newly resprayed Winnie - she looks superb...... even if I do say it myself (y) (y)
  3. Dgrbruv

    Black Tank level sensor cleaning wand

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share a little gem if it is of interest to anyone. I found a garden sprayer with a long handle and a swivel head in Home Barging's for £4.99 with the idea of seeing if it would fit through the aperture in the toilet so I could clean the level sensors in the black...
  4. Dgrbruv

    Onan Gennie Refurb

    Had to replace the starter motor on our Gennie, so I thought I would carry out a little service and refurb. Got a replacement starter from superb service and fast delivery, changed the oil / filter / plugs etc. (no points as it is electronic ign.) and...
  5. Dgrbruv

    Countryfile Live - Blenhiem Palace

    Anyone going to this event - 3rd - 6th Aug ? We have booked 4 days with C&CC
  6. Dgrbruv

    12v LED installation - works well (IMHO)

    Hi Guys, I thought I would share my latest attempt at saving battery life off grid. I recently fitted 3No. (1metre long) 12v strip lights behind the window pelmets in our Winnie. They only cost £5.00 each on offer from LED Hut on line. Really easy installation and less than 15watts total power...
  7. Dgrbruv

    Suburban SF Furnace - Service

    Hi Guys, My brother and I completed a strip out and inspection of our RV Furnace (Suburban SF Type) last weekend as it had stopped blowing warm air. The fan was running but the burner would not ignite. After watching many detailed videos on Youtube (what would we do without it ????) we took the...
  8. Dgrbruv

    MOT passed - Yippee

    Hi Guys, just want to share the good news ..our old girl (1993 vintage) past the MOT this morning (y) My brother and I (the dangerous bros aka DGRBRUV) only needed to check/clean & apply a bit of copper-slip to the sliders on the calipers and she passed with no other observations/advisories...
  9. Dgrbruv

    Wanted 19.5" Stainless Steel Wheel Liners

    Does anyone have a set of 19.5" wheel liners for sale or know a good supplier of new sets?
  10. Dgrbruv

    Location of members ??

    Hi, Without looking at every entry for New members as they appear in the 'say hello' Thread. is there any way to search for members in your own locality? It would be handy to know who is close. :thumbup:
  11. Dgrbruv

    Brave Brakes ...from Bib ??

    Bib sent me a private message ref ..Brave Brakes ... but has not set up to receive private messages in return .... Can you check it out BIB and get back to me I may have some info for you. Our master cylinder developed a leak about 12 months ago and we managed to get a replacement...
  12. Dgrbruv

    Help required - Burstner on the drive for sale

    Hi Guys, Can anyone help me find the couple who were parked behind our Brave at Malvern? I think their names were Dave & Jan with an Admiral RV around 30ft with a slide out. They also had a little white dog. During a conversation, they said they had a Burstner motor home for sale on the drive...
  13. Dgrbruv

    RV Tyres

    Hi I have been amazed by the brilliant service given by an online tyre company Not only did I find replacement tyres for our Winnebago Brave 225/70 R 19.5 for £155.00 with free courier delivery, but after ordering them online late on Saturday, I got email confirmation on...
  14. Dgrbruv

    Shepton Mallet show

    Hi, Is there are members going to the Bristol & West Motor Home and RV show this comming weekend? It would be good to meet up with fellow RV owners. Cheers Gilo