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  1. Bigpeetee

    Merry Xmas

    Happy Christmas to all. We're off to Florida on 30th. Four months of warmth, back for end April. Got a list of bits to fill the suitcase on return journey!!
  2. Bigpeetee

    Vehicle Control Module.

    Nachos could work?
  3. Bigpeetee

    12 v Christmas Tree

  4. Bigpeetee

    Fridge & Water Heater. Cheaper on Gas or Electric?

    Well 16p/Kwh for electric isn't bad considering it's costing them approx 15p. I use electric for Fridge and water heating as well. Our water heater takes about a hour to heat. Tend to turn off overnight and put it on with the first cup of tea in bed, by the time we're up it's hot enough for a...
  5. Bigpeetee

    Eyeballed 2 rv,s and a euro going northbound on m6

    12 months until my annual MOT Good luck Friday
  6. Bigpeetee

    Some Aires have boats as well as motorhomes

    Ready for all eventualities when travelling around the UK in winter
  7. Bigpeetee

    Touch up paint

    We had the same issue, showed them the US paint "colors" didn't recognise them, they even called the manufacturers of the mixing machine for equivalents. So took RV to them on a Saturday as it was quieter on the industrial estate. They scanned several areas and got an average. The paint was a...
  8. Bigpeetee

    Self seeking satalite reciever opinions.

    Where do you plan on travelling?
  9. Bigpeetee

    The strongest woman I know..........

    Great news Sue, still hope to bump in to you one day. xx
  10. Bigpeetee

    RVing can have consequences

    Great news, congrats. One on our list of sites to visit.
  11. Bigpeetee

    Slideout problem

    Won't let me see image as I haven't got permission???
  12. Bigpeetee

    Blown Air Heating is Rubbish

    Our previous MH used a Primus wet system, Bought out by Alde. We had many problems, partly due to a crap installation, but always had leaks creeping back. if the system got air into it, the air would expand and the header tank would overflow, allowing more air in when it cooled. Gentle...
  13. Bigpeetee

    Wiring american wire into 240v weather proof socket

    The cable will well exceed the insulation requirements for 240v, as the voltage is doubled, the current is halved so current will not be an issue. When our MH was wired for 240, the old cable was used. I assume the existing waterproof outlet is still on 120v, so that will need to be connected...
  14. Bigpeetee


    Our water heater has it's own water dump valve, I know because when getting ready for use I forgot so as I was filling the tank, every time I tried the pump to get some pressure, it just squirted out the heater, but stopped when I turned off pump. Doh!!
  15. Bigpeetee


    Measure the space you have for batts, probably two batts to start. Mine uses 2x 110AH for engine start, big diesel lump so should be fine on petrol.
  16. Bigpeetee

    Mobile RV Upholsterer

    Seen on Facebook: He goes to you!! Maybe of use to someone?
  17. Bigpeetee

    Self seeking satalite reciever opinions.

    The Avtex Snipe Satellite Dome is prob OK for the UK and Northern France but as a small antenna limits how far away from the UK you can get reception, not going into Europe - no problem!!
  18. Bigpeetee

    Winegard Sensar Help

    The antenna should be the same as local tv antennas ie at 90 degrees to the transmitter. The little bars of the std tv fishbone antenna is the critical item, not the pole that holds them. Hope this helps?
  19. Bigpeetee

    What vacuum cleaner?

    Our older Dyson cordless with the Animal head coped very well with Retriever hair in the house and Motorhome. That includes carpet and the tumble weed that floats across the laminate!! Still working well after three years. Great in the car as well.
  20. Bigpeetee

    Filling my lpg habitation tank

    If the motor LPG can be filled, is it just an adaptopr that can be unscrewed and moved on to the other tank?