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  1. Merv-IOM

    Massive thanks to..

    ..Tony and Chris (car66). They very kindly allowed us to park on their driveway until we could return to the IOM (which will be tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd...don't ask, it's a long story). We really wanted to thank them both for putting up with, and looking after, us for the last 9 & 1/2 weeks...
  2. Merv-IOM

    Lockdown jobs

    Well we might see you first in Portugal! :D
  3. Merv-IOM

    Lockdown jobs

    For all the difficulties we had, I think it's a super job and we're really chuffed that Arvey looks smart again....shiny boy (y)
  4. Merv-IOM

    Lockdown jobs

    Well... Tony and I have finished making a mess, all it needs now is a jolly good polish when it's hardened. Many thanks for your help, Tony, you're a true gent. There's a slight colour difference but it looks miles better than it did
  5. Merv-IOM


    Happy birthday from us too :party:
  6. Merv-IOM

    Happy Birthday to Ek - Ek&lol

    Happy birthday from us too :party: :party:
  7. Merv-IOM


    A warm welcome and good luck with your project. If you need any help feel free to ask as someone on here will no doubt know the answer.
  8. Merv-IOM

    Advice on buying an RV

    It's the layout that's of prime importance, then worry about diesel pusher or front engined petrol/log gas. When you go and look at one, spend a long time in it, not just a cursory glance. You may be couped up for a few days in it (rain etc) and it's best to decide if you like it now before...
  9. Merv-IOM

    Rv under sealing

    Nice job (y)
  10. Merv-IOM

    Lockdown jobs

    That's not just any old bag........ ;)
  11. Merv-IOM

    Lockdown jobs

    I hasten to add that none of the damage was caused by ourselves (y)
  12. Merv-IOM

    Lockdown jobs

    Nice work, it looks a treat. Tony (car66) and I have been busy too
  13. Merv-IOM


    Good enough, delivered quickly too. For the price, I can replace it every couple of years as well. Oh and comfy (y)
  14. Merv-IOM


    Sofa's are here
  15. Merv-IOM


    We recently bought one of these to replace our old swivel recliner chair, but doctored it by fitting the old swivel mechanism. They also have recliner sofa chairs too. Other than...
  16. Merv-IOM

    Hi fellow RVers

    Welcome aboard! I'm sure you'll fit right in here, it's full of tips, tricks, knowledge and friendly banter.... especially now you're hooked. Merv and Sandra
  17. Merv-IOM


    Isn't there one on the board behind the switch? I seem to remember something like that mixed in with the wires
  18. Merv-IOM

    Travel from Salinas, Elda, alicante back to Dunkirk

    Well done and glad you're home to start planning for this winter! Pity you missed the free meal, ours was enormous! Welcome home :clap:
  19. Merv-IOM

    Happy Birthday to Captain ( now Colonel) Tom Moore

    Happy birthday Colonel Tom, you are what makes Great Britain Great! :party: :party: :party:
  20. Merv-IOM

    Travel from Salinas, Elda, alicante back to Dunkirk

    It's a long shot, but if you could get to Dunkirk booking office around 1pm, there's a ferry at 2pm and they might be able to get you on it ( we did the same and because of social distancing, they give you a meal for free!). It'll be mainly freight drivers who'll keep their distance, but it...