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  1. Azlan

    Rv insurence

    Hi all who are the best rv insurence people
  2. Azlan


    We have just brought a small car and had the A-frame fitted by Kaytow of Brierley Hill, west midlands. fitting was quick and their customer service was excellent, The A-frame fits nicely into one of the storage compartments. We are now able to park up and explore the surrounding countryside...
  3. Azlan

    A frame

    Hi all just bought a Citroen c1 to tow where is the best place in the midlands to get a a frame fitted at a reasonable cost
  4. Azlan

    RV and dog Friendly Site

    Well we have found a site that is not only RV friendly but also very dog friendly. Situated in the small village of Malton, North Yorkshire near Scarborough the site is grass with no hard standing areas but we had no problems and being novices I think that is an achievement. there is 16 amp...
  5. Azlan

    Distressing the dog

    Hi all could anyone recommend a calming sedative for our German Shepard we are away on Friday and can’t cope with all the barking plus he pants really hard which can’t be good for him we don’t want a vets one as they knock them out.
  6. Azlan


    Going from Birmingham to Berwick on tweed Friday does anyone know a decent site we could stay for 1 night about halfway close to the motorway
  7. Azlan

    Help in places to stay

    We are going from Birmingham to Northumberland at the end of August suggestions please on where to stay for one night maybe where there are other rvs
  8. Azlan

    Stressed dog

    Can anyone help us we have taken our dog out in the rv three times now but he gets so stressed we have tried 3 different harnesses he gets out of every one he cries and barks nearly all the way we are going to Yorkshire soon and it’s a 4hr drive it’s not good for him or us I have heard of...
  9. Azlan

    Stuck again

    Good evening all us again has anyone else had a problem at Stratford race course with their electric we arrived about 5hrs ago and plugged in and nothing we can’t get any electric at all there is nothing wrong with their part they said sometimes rvs have a problem but when they turn everything...
  10. Azlan

    Made it back

    Hi all,sorry we didn’t reply to all your helpful advice but had no WiFi and only just catching up with everything now got the electrics going on the third night didn’t get the water filter going at all and finely got the jacks down by hubby miscalculating the width of the road where the bollards...
  11. Azlan

    Lowering jacks on coachman

    Hi folks Well made it out on our first trip only to find out how much of a novice we are. Have tried to lower the jacks on our coachman Mirada with Atwood control system. All four lights are flashing indicating the jacks are down, however they are still up. With these strong winds she’s rocking...
  12. Azlan


    Well the maiden voyage starts Thursday after asking if any rvers were going to be out and about we see we are not going to be on our own Gareth (storm) is going to be joining us what a start :giggle::giggle:
  13. Azlan

    Water filters

    Do you really need a water filter on your rv if you are not going to drink water
  14. Azlan

    Cancelled holiday

    I asked if anyone was going to be at oxon hall from the 5th March and where we could go after for our maiden trip all changed now as we have to stay at home until 14th March due to work and now only have one week so will now be at oxen hall from the 14th anyone going to be there?
  15. Azlan


    Good morning all what is the best freesat box we have sky on the rv but don’t subscribe as we haven’t got sky at home but want to be able to record some programmes for when we are out in bad weather.
  16. Azlan

    Dog crates

    Another question we have a German Shepard what is the best way to transport them we have a steel crate but have seen a fabric one has anybody used one of these as they seem less clumsy.
  17. Azlan

    Where next

    We are going to oxen hall first week in March for a week where else is nice for the second week this is our maiden trip.
  18. Azlan

    Oxen hall

    Hi is anyone going to be around oxen hall from the 5th of March :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  19. Azlan

    Oxen hall

    Hi all have just been to have a look at oxen hall was hoping to see some rvers there we are booked in for 5th March for our maiden trip anyone going to be there?:oops::oops:
  20. Azlan

    Water filter

    Just seen the water filter casing is cracked it’s a hydro life he-200 series do we order a complete kit as it comes with the filter and where from eBay Walmart or star spangled spanner thanks