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  1. AlaskaGuy

    REAL: 5th Wheel Sites

    I only just saw your post! Good to see you here at Holmsley, hope it was a good night. I hope the festival was not washed out or blown away.... that was some wild weather!
  2. AlaskaGuy

    REAL: 5th Wheel Sites

    Try Holmsley, the Camping in the Forest site in the New Forest. My 5er will be there all summer, as I am due to start as a site assistant.
  3. AlaskaGuy

    Can't wait.... but have questions

    CCRV have a good stock of new and used. Call Ashley. You can stay overnight on their site, surrounded by their stock!
  4. AlaskaGuy

    Motor Home Valet Warning

    So TFR also cures piles? :rofl:
  5. AlaskaGuy

    Bath and West

    We decided not to go after looking at some feedback from last year, and the lack of RV dealership exhibitors. We went to Malvern a couple of years ago and wished we had checked if there was going to be a fireworks display. One of our dogs was totally freaked out, poor thing. Not sure if Bath...
  6. AlaskaGuy

    Preparing for winter in uk

    You also find that as it gets to cold temps ie 0Fahrenheit or -17 centigrade - that moisture in the warm air will crystalise to ice as it exits your vents. Wiping a smidgen of Vaseline just on the outside of the vent helps when you need to dislodge ice build-up without damaging the surface. When...
  7. AlaskaGuy

    replace awning ?

    We're just waiting on a house to sell and then upgrading from our Pilote m/h to something 30-33ft7.5t petrol/lpg. Been looking at a few. Freedom Motorhomes showed us a couple. The safari room is a must for my Alaskan Malemute "Juneau ", see avatar picture. What we do for our dogs!! Thanks for...
  8. AlaskaGuy

    Still enjoying rv life is a useful compendium of sites. Good filters, allows you to search for what suits you best.
  9. AlaskaGuy

    replace awning ?

    What's the score with adding a safari room to an American awning? I presume that such an item is available, yes/no?
  10. AlaskaGuy


    We just stayed at Briarfields this week whilst looking at RV's at Freedom Motorhomes which is just a few miles away. We're still in a small coachbuilt, but saw that the site had about half a dozen RV-size spaces. Only one RV on site on Tuesday night. But a mass of tent campers going to some...
  11. AlaskaGuy

    Smart or Aygo

    :wink: Beemers in drag.....could start a whole new thread on that one!
  12. AlaskaGuy

    Seriously wild

    Wow! That's how to use a truck camper! Nordkapp sounds interesting. I am looking forward to reading Eric/Big Momma's blog pieces as they finish their summer working on Skye, and head out to a winter in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Glad you liked my grizzly encounter. I once skied between a...
  13. AlaskaGuy

    Smart or Aygo

    I had a Smart 4 Two. It was a great little vehicle but having a rear seat would have made it a perfect one. The Aygo drives really well...I rented one at a multi-day conference last year. But I keep seeing those Peugeot 107s and Citroën C1s in the fast lane on the M4....and still probably...
  14. AlaskaGuy

    Seriously wild

    I am sure there are some great stories out there. Let's see if I can start them off.. Picture a big gravel pull out off a road that crosses through a part of the Alaska Range. Rv is parked up. Not getting dark, 10.30pm, midnight sun and all that. Time to get a steak on. Camp fire!! Strange...
  15. AlaskaGuy

    Seriously wild

    Hi Karl I see from your profile that you have a team! Good on you. I miss the sound of them "singing for their supper"! Does your wife use a wheeled rig for racing or do you travel to winter snow? Cairngorms, French Alps etc? I have just put hydraulic disc brakes on my dog scooter to...
  16. AlaskaGuy

    Seriously wild

    The arctic in the summer is beautiful if somewhat buggy. Scotland!
  17. AlaskaGuy

    Seriously wild

    Excellent 2 dog team. Is that you on the runners?
  18. AlaskaGuy

    Buying an RV in America and using it there for a UK resident

    Montana- Big Sky Country. Did you go north of the border at all? BC is lovely and the bears get bigger as you get closer to the coast and all those salmon!
  19. AlaskaGuy

    Seriously wild

    Hello all, Just got my subscription sorted, so thought I would post. My first RV experiences were whilst living in Fairbanks, Alaska from 1990-2006. We used to rent a C-class Coachmen and drive south down the Parks Highway, past Denali and Wasilla (home of Sarah Palin :blushing:) then through...
  20. AlaskaGuy

    moe,s toy

    Go a "future RV owner" , I am still susceptible to tantalising statements like that. With a 50kg Alaskan Malemute as part of our family, space is more than just the final frontier. Does your CC-CL have hardstanding or do you just rely on the 4X4? I am looking at Winnebago...