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  1. ek&lol

    Happy Birthday to Ek - Ek&lol

    Thanks everyone Chinese takeaway and Newcastle brown ale is best I could do .:)
  2. ek&lol

    dvla license

    Received my license back today sent of on26th April .just filled in the form no medical or eye test no fee so ok for another 12 months .:):)
  3. ek&lol

    NFU Insurance.

    there recovery is excellent had to use them twice with last rv no problem with length/age or weight .
  4. ek&lol

    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    This was mine used to belong to Gordon Jackson
  5. ek&lol

    What great toys do we have in the garage.

    was that the company car of jag/land rover.
  6. ek&lol


    that cable wont last long jase
  7. ek&lol

    For Sale Free

    I have originals on mine thanks
  8. ek&lol

    Good Morning

    not to sure about donations steve but that girl travels miles to carry that water ? and I have a spare aqua roll and handle £10 .
  9. ek&lol

    Anybody heard of this company or used them ?

    Yes john its in Stafford apparently they would lend you a set of wheels why they refurb yours .or do a part ex (or they use to) but I think hgv common size?When me an Chris visited they didn't have our size in stock as I remember.check there website .
  10. ek&lol

    Happy birthday Craig

    Happy birthday Craig from us two .
  11. ek&lol

    Recovering/refurbishing our sofa

    Same here careavan done sofa and window /pelmets while we waited.
  12. ek&lol

    Air Horns

  13. ek&lol

    This photo

    its a stoke truck jase
  14. ek&lol

    Water pump

    couldn't have been that good the first two broke jase.
  15. ek&lol

    Water pump

    I find when they stop working its the limit switch underneath around £5 on eBay.
  16. ek&lol

    Happy birthday jimbo99

    Happy birthday Jim from us two
  17. ek&lol

    happy birthday audrey

    Happy birthday Audrey from us two .
  18. ek&lol

    Happy birthday mick of @trickymicky

    HAPPY birthday mick from us two
  19. ek&lol

    Good Morning

    Paul what is victim surcharge I could never work that one out??.
  20. ek&lol

    Happy Birthday Larry of @Larry99 fame

    Happy birthday larry from us two sorry its late.