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  1. monacosteve

    Camping caravan club renewal no extension

    Just got a reminder for my renewal today From ccc, no mention of discount or extension. When I tried to ring all offices are closed and no one taking call , But someone there to send out payment reminders. I will post the outcome when I can, Let’s see what motorhome and caravan club have to say.
  2. monacosteve

    Back to work

    Back to work today a bit daunting but ok, Been wearing PPE for each job, so customers are happy. Did notice a lot of people clustered together and taking no notice of distancing . Postie delivered a parcel next to house I was working on with no gloves or mask.
  3. monacosteve

    NFU Insurance.

    Had mine replaced by Annabelle at travel world few month back. It was here and fitted in just over a week. Very pleased.
  4. monacosteve

    Rv under sealing

    Great job
  5. monacosteve

    Lockdown jobs

    Re sealed and painted roof, Would like to do airbag change next but may need a garage for that job.
  6. monacosteve

    Another bbq

    Never thought I would get tired of bbq
  7. monacosteve

    Roof finished

    Vent covers on, and solar clean today. All go
  8. monacosteve

    Roof finished

    Hello you 2, hope your both ok, I’m a little bit sozzled typing this so hope it’s ok. Are you in the Rv or 5 th wheel and r the cats ok I’m in lockdown on the park so can get around a bit and getting a few jobs done. It would be good to meet up after this. Be safe and let us know if your...
  9. monacosteve

    Roof finished

    Resealed the roof with new eternabond, lap sealed the vents, and repainted roof with Rustoliums Noxyde peganox. Hopefully will last another 20 years. Another lockdown job completed . Full service next.
  10. monacosteve

    New step for Daisy

    Finished new step for Daisy today, getting a bit old for jumping up Rv step.
  11. monacosteve

    ground sheet

    Some customers on site here left an Isabella Bolon groundsheet 10 meters long, which we have put outside this year, and I must admit it’s very good, but a tad expensive.
  12. monacosteve

    Extender stay

    Met someone in Spain few years back and they were using butane, it had made a big black mark up the side of the Rv above the water heater, so I wouldn’t risk it with butane. But why would you when propane is plentiful.
  13. monacosteve

    Extender stay

    Wouldn’t you be going through 2 regulators if you use a butane bottle, rather than the propane pol fitting which goes straight to The extendastay to Rv regulator.
  14. monacosteve

    Residential fridge

    I’ll probably only have it on the inverter while Travelling and overnight in stops, I have 4 trojans so should be ok, as I said before a lot of coaches are being built with residential fridges so I would think it should run ok.
  15. monacosteve

    Residential fridge

    That sounds good for me, I’ll up the inverter to a 1000 to cope with the startup surge. I have a 240 socket at the back of the fridge which was used for the fridge 110 transformer so should be good to go
  16. monacosteve

    Residential fridge

    This is a fridge freezer a lot more depth than the norcold.
  17. monacosteve

    Residential fridge

    I have found one that will fit quite snug in place of the norcold, I’m thinking 800 pure sine should be enough.
  18. monacosteve

    Residential fridge

    Thinking of taking norcold out and putting in a residential fridge. Any ideas of inverter size would be welcomed I can buy a new fridge for the price of a new board for older norcolds, I would rather put its own inverter in rather than use my inverter charger. I know a lot of new coaches are...
  19. monacosteve

    Dinosaur fridge boards

    Just enquiring if any body has replaced their norcold fridge board with a dinosaur board and if so have you had any problems with the uk ac input 50HZ Thanks
  20. monacosteve

    20 year eternabond removal

    Started removing old eternabond today Thought it was going to be a nightmare job. But the good old multi tool removed it fantastic, Tomorrow I’ll put the new stuff while weather is hot. Bloody expensive stuff. £140 50’ x 6” Don’t Americans do straight lines ( rivets)