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  1. Jimbo99

    n 7Rv / 5th wheel

    Been in the. States 3 weeks only seen 5 rvs but dozens of 5 wheels and a lot of the national parks not taking the big a class any more I think it must be a costs issue
  2. Jimbo99

    air con on full

    V10 triton with gas conversion set the heater to hot triggers the engine air con so cold freezing the pipes stopping LPG from reaching the engine in gas form changed one relay when it first happened 300 mile later doing it again weird goings on
  3. Jimbo99

    RV B class Ramps

    Any body selling good quality wheel ramps or can recommend a brand name van weight 6500 kg Joys of downsizing
  4. Jimbo99


    Looking to buy one any body selling for sensible money
  5. Jimbo99

    New rv bus ish

    Well I finally got my RV home from Freedom rv Leisure at Gloucester I was taken by my personal Chauffer Mr Steve Pearce Quite a diff technique driving a B class from an A class rear wheels are wider than the front by a margin remembering the bit at the back is wider than the front and...
  6. Jimbo99

    New Bus ish

    Hi every one hope you are all well Had a call from freedom motor homes now called Freedom RV Leisure Being MOT this week and hopefully collecting on Sat so fingers crossed soon be mobile
  7. Jimbo99

    Sat navs

    Thinking of buying tom tom professional 520 hgv is it any good or are there better ones around what does every body else use excluding a compass and a finger in the wind Jan sales beckon Jimbo
  8. Jimbo99

    Winnie rides again

    Just had an email from Steve RV Mobile the old girl is ready for collection gone through another Mot and ready for collection not bad for an 18 years old winnie didn't go in the Pit of Misery dilly dilly Jimbo
  9. Jimbo99

    Bagwell Park

    Any body staying here in Nov or Riverside caravan park at South Molton
  10. Jimbo99

    Break Lights

    Hi all just back from Kustom Kulture Break lights failed on the way home lights indicators working ok Any info much appreciated not sure if they are fused ? will pull the lenses off to check the bulbs but I think they will be ok rare both sides go at once Thanks to Kev and John / Deb for being...
  11. Jimbo99

    Ready to go go

    Well just had a call from Steve at RV Mobile the bus is fully serviced and MOT for another year only needed a rubber seal on the steering joint Asked the question will she get round Europe yep we are good to go Just need a bit more luck if its not to be the UK is going to see a lot of us this...
  12. Jimbo99

    Cuckoo cuckoo

    Tickets arrived today just waiting for rv mobile in for service and to mot the old girl and we are good to go Happy days fingers crossed
  13. Jimbo99

    EURO TRIP 2017

    Hi all looking for somewhere to stay after Italy booked in at lake Garda 2 nights then travel over to cavalier nr st Tropez looking for a good aires / site / vine yard to stay at and from Cavalier to Limoges any suggestions we can stay at for a couple of nights travelling with old age travellers
  14. Jimbo99

    Crystal Lakes Fenstanton

    Hi all just got back from here great site for fishermen not really a holiday venue the site had plenty of caravans Problems encountered only a 6 amp site and a lot of contractors working in the area using there vans so when they came home power would keep tripping out very annoying quite a few...
  15. Jimbo99

    Hurley riverside park

    Hi booked in this weekend they cater for RVs as any one stayed here any tips places to eat drink ect is it worth taking the bicycles Jimbo
  16. Jimbo99

    new engine light on

    Down in the new forest used my obd 11 new toy Message read 1AT sensor 1 circuit high inputt cleared fault light gone off code no Po113 Any technical people out there no what it was everything seems to be working ok ????
  17. Jimbo99

    diesel tank strap

    Hi again just finished greasing ball joints ect noticed I have a broken fuel tank strap any body got one by chance 2000 chevy diesel 6.5 Jim
  18. Jimbo99

    service engine light

    Hi all does any one know how to reset the dash board light I have just had a full engine service And need to reset it I am sure it is not difficult if some one can give me a clue Much appreciated Its a Winnebago workhorse diesel 6.5 year 2000 Jimbo
  19. Jimbo99

    porch lights

    HI ALL YOU SPARKIES Porch light not working on the winnie changed the bulbs step light comes on which is linked to the porch light switch working ok any ideas would be nice to here Jim
  20. Jimbo99

    Full respray

    Can anybody recommend a company thinking of a respray same colors and new decals Having it done over winter personnel experience and costings would help